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May be my own personal issues (Opera Next 18)

  • I'm web developer. Its been a very long time i'm using opera. It have no complaints up to version 9. I was very happy up to that version. after 9 I was in a mind like keep using opera or go for firefox. I wanted to stuck with opera, its because of its design, It run smooth in my system unlike firefox and chrome and i see many new features are first introduced in opera. For a very long time I had troule using opera with gmail, beacuse of the I choose firefox / chrome to access most of google sites. After downloading opera next i first checked gmail with it and I said "thank god its working", Previosly I had trouble attaching files with gmail. I thought I can continue with opera. But the situation is worse now. Missing so many things in this version. Menu bar, Cant see complete url, Where is the appearance ? Now its completely unusable for me. Any suggestions to keep using it (except going back to old versions) ?

  • Removing the menu was a good idea, as it has been removed from the default setup for years now. There are clearly some who want it back, but it causes problems. If you look in help for the current version, some instructions are incomprehensible if the top menu is enabled because they refer to the button menu. Top and side menus being different leads to confusion. If they had been the same from the start it would be OK, but doing that now would create more confusion. So, removing it is the right decision to keep the UI simple.

    Customise appearance also led to many questions on these forums. It's just too complex. The ability to customise the single toolbar by adding custom buttons would certainly be very useful, and skin support would be a definite improvement, but we don't need umpteen different toolbars with options to customise them all. Tab bar and address bar that can be repositioned are enough, with perhaps a status bar that can be shown/hidden, or made to pop up when needed.

    The most important customisation for me is keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. Menus would be a bonus, and if I had all of those I could live without customisable toolbars.

    There are some features that are more important than the aforementioned, and the devs are constantly working to add more features. Currently, they are working on improving the Download manager.

  • I will recommend hide those features, why remove it ? those who brings it back by un-hiding it will have confusions. right ? its his responsibility its look good or confusing. Missing so many options in settings now its definitely not a developer friendly. and I can't see the GET variables.
    Web inspector instead of dragonfly looks responsive and don't have any trouble if no Internet connectivity.

  • Originally posted by nithinqm:

    I will recommend hide those features, why remove it ?

    Well, strictly speaking, those features have not been removed. The question should be, “Why not implement them again in Opera Next?” The answer is, “Because Opera Next is being redesigned to be simpler, easier to use, and easier to maintain. The more (unnecessary) features are added, the more complicated it gets, and then it becomes just a Geek's browser again.”

    Some features should be implemented. If they are not, I for one will never upgrade, and I am sure that goes for many other long-term users.

    Everybody's going to have different opinions about Essential Features Needed Before Upgrading.

    Dragonfly, for example, is just a nuisance for me, so I removed it from my menus, but they are already working on Dragonfly for Opera Next.