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Opera ad blocking (built-in vs. add-ons)

  • Hi guys,

    If you need to use an addon (e.g., uBlock Origin) to get a more advanced ad blocking solution than the one provided natively wirh Opera, what do you recommend to do?

    Is it better to just disable the built-in adblocker, or should I keep both enabled? AFAIK the built-in ad blocker uses EasyList, which is a list that I always use anyway, so it should not block more than the addon.

    The important thing to consider is performance and resource usage. Does the built-in ad blocker run before any ad blocker addon, thus removing uneeded URLs from being filtered through the less efficient addon? Or is it the other way around, in which it would be pointless to refilter URLs that have already passed through an addon that has the same (or more) filters?

    So what is your opinion?

  • I'm using both internal ad-blocker and add-on (AdBlock currently; uBlock Origin is very similar and I have not seen noticeable performance difference between these, while experimenting on one very slow computer). I have unchecked Easylist from AdBlock preferences (what makes it much faster); from blocking behavior I can conclude that internal adblocker is 'applied' first. Of course internal blocker is faster than add-on - the latest is actually javascript, rewriting page and blocking some requests.

    Why I'm using both - add-on allows me to interactively block annoying parts of pages. It uses and updates few additional lists too, esp our local (regional) blocking list - internal adblock IMO can't use that list properly.

  • Is there a file (like urlist.txt) to edit the filters in Operas ad block?

  • You can add custom list (in settings), maybe even url to it (there were some changes in latest versions).

  • i like Opera builtin adblock more but i need to block element with big Size >1MB bcus i have limited bandwith, and only uBlock Origin have that

  • Just use em both I do and haven't yet to find any problems doing so