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Opera 20 for Android

  • Hi! I'll tell the team to upload the product builds at the same time as we upload to Google Play.
    The build number for Opera Mini 21 is 20.0.2254.109835 is the place to download builds, but the latest one is still not uploaded yet.

  • has the latest version now.

  • "Opera mini native 20" and "opera mini beta 20" is not compatible with android 2.3. Will you continue working with android 2.3? . "Opera mini native 20" and "opera mini beta 20" require android 4? I hope you keep updating with versions compatible with android 2.3. Greetings and thanks.

  • @ronvalcer can you go to Google play and check if you can install the latest builds?

  • I do not have google play, I've downloaded from here: /operamini.apk Parse error: there was a problem parsing the package ... so with opera mini beta 20. I am a user of opera mini for several years, can fix or notify developers?
    "opera mini native 20" and "opera mini beta 20" is not working whith android 2.3.6. Thanks and regards.

  • @ronvalcer:

    mini 20 beta 109431 runs on my droidfon 2.3.6.

    the final mini 20 109835 build is for android 4.1 or later versions per release notes.

    check the links in my previous posts in this thread.

  • I cannot install it on my 4.2.2 android. It says "parse error". Please, help!

  • Android 4.1 as for low level api in case that for some reason the generic version doesn't detect your "modded" device since is not an work of ART. Anyway Opera signature it's like 31b info in erasable cache after first run so doesn't have any interference.

  • I do not have google play, I've downloaded from here: /operamini.apk
    Parse error: there was a problem parsing the package ... so with opera mini beta 20. I am a user of opera mini for several years, can fix or notify developers?
    android 2.3.6 samsung galaxy mini S5570L .. please help me
    "opera mini native 20 " and "opera mini beta 20" no is working in my device.
    Thanks and regards.

  • @ronvalcer try again You should be able to install/upgrade your Opera Mini now.

  • Many thanks Miyukiwork ,now i can install opera mini 20 (android 2.3) in mi device .but i can give you suggestions for opera mini :

    1. add "open in new tab" and "open in private tab" to the news of the main screen. (headlines) It is very uncomfortable back at every moment to see other news. I will send you my screenshot (suggestion1)

    2. add more countries to the news settings such as: Ecuador , Venezuela , Peru , Chile , Bolivia, Paraguay , etc.

    3. add more configurations : see my screenshot "suggestion3" ...-"page segment " youtube always mobile version " , "page preloading" , " cloud acceleration " (uc browser mini)

    4. add "user agent" discussion/1867965/how-to-change-user-agent-to-desktop-in-opera-mini/p1

    5. add more colors in themes I hope your answer. Thanks and regards.
      how can i send you my screenshot ?

  • Frustrations upon frustrations.

    I am always getting "Problem reading from server" when I browse through pages with images including Facebook?!. Pages are rendered half way through with text and items missing.

    I have never encountered this problem before until today.

    Using OperaMini v20.0.2254.109835...thanks to Play store. Wish there was a way to select which app to automatically update.


  • where is the download again or restart download option

  • 100% agree with lyecan.

    Continue to get "Connection error: Problem reading from server". On the most recent Opers Mini version...109835 with "Extreme Mode" on.

    This happens on various websites and is very annoying.


  • "Connection error: Problem reading from server". On the most recent Opers Mini version...109835 with "Extreme Mode" on.

    i am facing same problem in opera mini beta...

  • I'm facing "Connection Error / Page not loading" problem. Everytime I browse any webpage everytime I saw these errors. After re-load then the following web page loaded successfully. But doing too much reload is too much annoying. Fix this ASAP

  • Wonder if actually OperaMini v20 can reconnect and continue downloads in cases where the network signal is lost momentarily.

    I started the download of Ubuntu 16 LTS of 1.4GB from the official site and went to bed. On waking up, it had downloaded only 68MB with download failed error. Checked my data balance. Its more than enough.
    On starting the app from background, it prompts you to resume download (should it be asking that?) and tapping resume restarts the download again. The link has resume support for Pete's sakes.

    I replicated it again cancelling the Ubuntu and starting another download (138MB in size), putting Opera in the background and turning on Airplane mode for 3mins and then turning it off.

    Result is the same. It cannot reconnect and continue the download.

    I don't know if this is due to a bug or Opera can't really do actual background downloading.

  • @jackob11:

    in my experience this happens when phone RAM gets tight with other active apps use up the available memory, not leaving enough space for mini to keep all tabs/pages open. it's an android/phone ram issue, not so much an intrinsic mini problem


    download problems with huge filesizes are common with mini and have been extensively discussed in this forum.
    use uc mini for such mega downloads, if you are concerned with privacy you can de-install uc mini afterwards and reload it from the saved .apk file whenever needed.

  • Dear users, "Problem reading from server" should already be solved, it was a server side issue unrelated to the Opera Mini 20 release.

    @lyecan, thank you for very good description of your problem. When I try to download Ubuntu on my phone and then resume the download it works perfectly. In general Opera Mini supports resuming downloads. But there are tons of factors that may be important here, so I would be really grateful if you reported the problem on with your e-mail and post ID of the report here.

  • Sometimes download resume not work if the download link gotta outdated. So, I'd like to suggest to add "Download link Auto Refresh" feature to fix download resume problem in this case. It will automatically refresh the download link if the link was expired & then get the new url link & can able to resume. Already a video downloader app named "VidMate" has this feature. Also I suggest to add "Download Acceleration" feature. Multiple thread download acceleration feature try to fully utilize the bandwidth to get maximum speed from server & now a days there are so many servers which supports Throttling / Acceleration feature. UC Browser has this download acceleration feature.
    Also when I try to download any file the downloading speed isn't stable. I tried to download a file, in Opera Mini I've got 27-390 KBPS & when I try to download the same following file in other browser like UC. I've got 270 to 435 KBPS.
    Upgrade the Opera Mini's downloading system so that it can download anything at stable downloading speed.

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