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Why does ALT+TAB leave focus on Opera menu and doesn't release it until I hit Esc?

  • I use the ALT+TAB key combination a lot in my WinXP to switch between the open programs. After I installed Opera (which, BTW, I find really great - all speed and no nonsense, thank you), I've been experiencing this weird behaviour: when I try switching from Opera to another app with ALT+TAB, the ALT key makes the Opera menu pop up and stay on top. It stays this way until I hit Escape to hide it.

    Please, Opera People, tell me it is just some weird bug that you will correct - and NOT a feature that you're not going to... 😞 I would hate to have to scrap your excellent browser on account of something that trivial 😞


  • The feature is that tapping Alt (by itself) displays the menu, pressing any other key should cancel the menu. And by the way, it works fine in Windows 7.

  • Anglik, that happens to me all the time too. It DOES NOT work fine in Windows 7, unfortunately.

  • Please somebody look at this because it brings a terrible bug (Im on Windows 7). It happens to me daily, and it is extremely irritating.

    Alt+TAB will switch the program and also leave the Opera Menu on top of the OTHER program. And there is no easy way to close this menu (because keyboard is hijacked by the other Program, so ESC wont work).

  • This is already fixed in the testing releases of Opera, so its coming down the pipe. Only a matter of time before it makes it into the mainstream release.