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  • why I can't find 64bit setup of Opera 40?

    Because there isn't one. 🙂

  • It's still in development.

  • Hold down a second. we are countdown to 2017 and is it still development?

    I have one simple question;

    I start using 64bit OS with Windows Vista 2007-08 I guess.
    Yes in that moment that was a problem because we can't even found 64bit driver then.

    I used Opera like 10 years maybe.
    When Chrome released it's change somethings. Eventually it's change Opera too
    All good features are gone and it's turning to another copy browser of Chrome.

    I used Chrome in last couple years but last couple weeks Chrome lost his mind.
    it's wanna know everything, wanna control everthings.

    At this point I have to change it but c'mon guys 32bit :doh:

    I also check Vivaldi (developed by the founders of Opera I guess) but doesn't feel comfy anymore.

    All my life I hate Mozilla, I have no idea why but I hate it. I still dont wanna use it and definitely not going back to Chrome. So stuck on 32bit Opera I guess

  • You can use the Opera Developer builds if you want. There are 64-bit versions available. See You can think of them like dev/canary chrome builds. As in, they might be stable, but might not.

  • Browser has to be stable and secure guys.
    I mean at least I'm a adult man. Almost every day checking bank accounts. Always shopping online stuff
    Can't use beta browser or OS anymore

  • Also I have to say I believe Opera must give me a medal or something. I'm one of the very rare people who still use Opera Mail application 😃

  • Opera 41 beta has a x64 build for Windows. It should be more stable than the developer builds.

    It also means that there's a high chance of 41 stable to have a 64 bits version.

  • The announcement of Opera 41 Beta said that it's targeting Opera 42 for the first stable 64-bit Windows builds:

  • I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that O42 Stable will be x64 as well.

    /edit: yep, what @lewisje said some seconds ago 🙂

  • Thanks guys!

  • 2016.1013.1234.CDT Thursday re 64-bit Opera
    Until version 41 there will be no (new skul version) 64-bit Opera (new skul = shorthand for Opera based on Chromium Open Source Code - which was about version 13 or maybe 20 -- any historical data would help -- or look in the chrono dates for versions iyi [If You're Interested)/

    64-bit original Opera was released originally as 12.17.1863 or 1873, followed shortly by a security update to aOpera or alte Opera or oOpera version 12.18.1873. Unfortunately I no longer know where that version/64-bit can be found. One of my personal 'likes' of the aOpera 12.18.1873 is that it is not a memory hog as so many other current browsers are -- it opens a main "opera.exe" process, and an "opera-plugin container" process; if there is a crash a third process "opera-crashreporter.exe" [keyboarding these names off the top of my head so they may not literally be accurate]; the other feature of note is aOpera was available as a "portableApp" and as Opera USB versions -- do NOT know if that is true any longer. Perhaps the most unusual feature is to use a keyboard shortcut to minimize aOpera 12.18.1873 to the systray as an systray icon with a right-click or context menu. And yes the a-opera.exe process does grow in size so the argument can be made it is not unlike the new Opera 40, Vivaldi 1.4 (I run the 64-bit version in all cases except for new Opera 40.0.2308.81), and also the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2016/m*OFFice 2016/Office 365 Personal Edition.

    Note Bene: * - using "m" prefix before an application or program designates the mobile or cellphone version of that, the app rather than the application.

  • The bit rate of an application and its security have nothing in common. All being 64-bit means is that it can access more memory at a time vs a 32-bit application. While Google did re-write their renderer to make use of 64-bit memory space, and that rewrite brought some improvements, it was not because it was 64-bit. It was because they were learning from past experience and incorporating new technologies.