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Opera Next + Opera Mail hard crash

  • It's strange but yesterday I had to reinstall Opera Next (latest version) because a really hard crash corrupted the software (after I forced a reboot). Today it's happening with Opera Mail (standalone). It's crashed and don't want to close either.
    But this time I'm afraid to loose all my mail backup of years. I can't believe I'm risking to loose all that.
    How can I get out of here without making too much damage? I mean, Opera Mail is still open and I can't terminate it in Control Panel or otherwise.
    What's happening? It never happened something similar in years of using Opera softwares..
    I'm on Win8 x64, latest version of all softwares.

  • For Opera Mail, load the windows task manager and end task on operamail.exe. If it won't shut down, you have to kill it, even if there's a chance that it'll mess up the mail database. You can't copy the mail folder and or the database while Opera Mail is running anyway as you'll get a copy that's in an incomplete state.

    For Opera Mail crashes, delete sessions/ in the preferences folder. If that doesn't help avoid the crash, rename operaprefs.ini in the preferences folder. Also, reinstall Opera Mail over the top of itself to repair any damages program files.

    While Opera Mail is closed though, you can copy its "mail" folder, contacts.adr and wand.dat.

    Another thing you can do is launch the Opera Mail installer, click "options", set the install path to a folder on your desktop, change "install for" to "standalone installation (USB)" and install. Then, replace its mail folder with a copy of your mail folder (replace contacts.adr and wand.dat with copies of your normal ones). Then, launch that usb operamail.exe and see if it crashes. If it doesn't, your mail folder is probably fine. If it does still, you can remove contacts.adr and wand.dat just to see if one of those are the culprits. Just make sure have have "leave messages on server" checked if you're using POP and you want to test with a copy of your folder so that messages don't get removed from the POP server and placed in just the copy of the mail folder.

    Another thing you can do is check the mail database. In operaprefs.ini under the "Mail" section, set:

    Mail Database Consistency Check Time=0

    Then, start Opera Mail up and close it to get the database check dialog.

    If all else fails, see to Fix a Corrupted Mail Folder - Mail Client ( M2 ) - Opera Wiki.mhtml (load it locally) for how to repair the mail folder as best as you can.

    For Opera Next, rename its local and roaming profile folders in the appdata folder so that Opera creates new ones. If that works, you know it's just one of the files in the profile folders. From there, you can just start fresh if you want and import your bookmarks from the bad profile if you want. You can also copy files from the bad profile folders until Opera Next starts crashing again. Then you should know what file is the problem.

    You also might want to do a chkdsk or whatever windows 8 has to check for disk corruption.

  • The only thing in what @burnout426 suggests that I would alter is that I would indeed attempt to copy the mail folder and database, even though Opera Mail is running. There are only two things that might present problems with that:

    1. if the files are held "open" by Opera Mail, you will be blocked by your computer's OS from copying them, so no harm results.
    2. if the files are only partial or "incomplete" because of Opera Mail's involvement, the worst you will suffer is incomplete or smashed file copies

    Just be sure to attempt to copy those files/folders to a safe folder away from the Opera Mail installation. Even if the files are incomplete or somehow corrupted, you'll still have a shot at manually recovering some of the contents should that become necessary.

  • Sorry guys but I never get emails for replys on subscribed topics.
    Thank you for all the replys. At the end, I had to brute force close Opera (before I could read your advices), but thanks God nothing happened. My concerns were unfunded. But really thanks for them. I hope to never need them 😉