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I need to find out the exact date of my Opera account creation...

  • Hi,

    I need to find out the exact time of my Opera account creation... Can somebody help me with the answer on this question?..


  • Your Opera account or, by chance, your MyOpera account?

  • I am talking about the account, from which I'm posting all these messages (tSERZHant), but yeah, this account was originally a MyOpera account from the start...

  • tserzhant

    Joined: 10:06AM
    Visits: 1

    It doesn't seem that this account of yours originated from MyOpera. Unless it's a glitch, of course.
    Are you sure you're using the same account as you used to to access MyOpera???

  • Of course, I am 100% sure, no doubts at all, believe me...

    As for "Joined: 10:06AM", then this is connected to my today's joining to these forums, since I am here today for the first time ever... But let me be a little bit more specific with my question: I need to find out the exact date and time of my Opera/MyOpera account creation, so to speak, globally - not when I connected to these forums or to some other particular Opera Product(s)/Service(s), but when I first connected to the Opera in general... In other words, the very first appearing of mine tSERZHant at the Opera on the whole... I don't know how to explain better, sorry... And sorry also for my far not perfect English...

  • Seems all right with your English.

    We have had a couple of guys here that appeared to be shown without monkey badges while they were sure their accounts originated in MyOpera.

    In any case, if you have a URL or two of your original MyOpera account pages, especially your profile page, you could try checking the Web Archive with that/one of those URL(s), as the query. I did and I saw my profile and other pages.
    One can't change anything, but one can retrieve some data.

  • As for "Joined: 10:06AM", then this is connected to my today's joining to these forums, since I am here today for the first time ever.

    This mean that your account was created today at 3:06 AM GMT.

  • 2 joshl

    I appreciate Your assistance (at least attempts)...
    I read couple of such messages here, but let me assure You that I am not alike all those guys, really!.. I understand that in the Internet almost everybody is always saying that they are purely sure in something (like this), but in the long run nine times outta ten it turns out that the most of them were wrong (or even lied)... It's actually pretty trivially and even tediously, I know... But the truth is that I am indeed quite experienced and, what is yet more important here, very meticulous in such questions!..

    Unfortunately, I was using just only My Opera Link and My Opera Mail (the email address I had was: ), that's why I haven't had my own Opera forums account (up till today, when I made my very first ever visit here and post) and, I suppose, don't have the Server monkey badge... Also, it appears that I don't have any old link(s)/URL(s)/shortcut(s) to any old Opera account pages of mine... But one thing I do remember exactly: the main purpose for me to register this account was not to get an email address or something, but to have all bookmarks and etc. from the Opera Mini web browser of my old BlackBerry cell phone synchronized and backed up...

    And now I just need to figure out only the exact date and time of my registration, that's all, nothing more... I mean, I don't need retrieve anything else except this...

    2 leocg

    I'm sorry, but I am not a dumb, thank You!.. This my account (but not specifically the forums account) was created much-much earlier...