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100% disk usage after opening new tab

  • Hi,
    I have a serious problem with opera. Sometimes when I open new tab in opera my computer freezes and stays unresponsive for about a minute. In task manager I can see that in that period of time there is 100% disk usage. I have 256 GB SSD drive and everything started after windows 10 anniversary update I think.

    Please help.

  • Uhm.. If your hardware is old enough, with low memory to the nowadays demands, its last Windows to work will be like version 7, hopefully.
    If so, you could consider migrating to some lite Linux system unless you're willing to maintain a not-up-to-date Microsoft package, with all the perks etc.
    Anyway you still might be needing kinda more RAM and processor capacity if you're gonna run some brand new software, and sites get updated to the extent older software won't cope with.

  • Hardware is pretty old, but sufficient for web browsing(4 cores 3.6 Ghz, 8GB DDR3 RAM), so this is not the issue. Before anniversary update everything worked like a charm.

  • So, you should have mentioned your system specs in the first place.
    As well as your Opera version.

  • In task manager I can see that in that period of time there is 100% disk usage

    What you be a '100% disk usage'? Do you mean that all of the 256GB on the disk are used?

    What's your Opera version? Do you have many tabs opened? Do you use extensions?

    Have you tried with a clean profile?

  • What's the disk usage with Opera closed? Did you find which file or folder is taking up all that space? How is the memory usage? If it's too high, maybe the swap file is getting too big. If you have no idea, you can use a software like Scanner, which is free and portable:

    On another hand, bear in mind that you should leave a good % of your SSD free for the sake of its lifespan. I'd say no less than 25%.