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All downloads stop at 100% and 0b/s and no new pages will load.

  • I started getting this issue a little while ago. I did a clean reinstall and it stopped, and now it's doing it again.

    I've only got a few extensions installed now and I disabled all of them and it didn't stop the issue. If anyone knows how to solve this or if there are any logs I can provide that would help then let me know and I'll be more than happy to get them.

  • What sort of network security software do you use? Some of them can do this - you actually have the full file, but Opera doesn't know the file is done.

  • Are you saying that when the download finishes, it's like it still tries to download something but your internet connection is cut? Do other browsers work? Does the file ever actually finish downloading? Does reopening Opera temporarily fix the issue? Does this happen with any type of file and any file size? I find it very strange. I would try in a private window and with a clean portable instance.

  • @sgunhouse, The only AV I have Windows Defender. That is correct though. The file is done downloading, it just doesn't finish in Opera and I can't load anything after that point until I restart the browser.

    @alobpreis, I'm not really sure what you mean. The download just sits at 100% like it's still downloading but it says 0B/s and never ends.
    Yes. Other browsers work fine. The file is finished downloading from what I can tell. Nothing I do to opera fixes the issue. On restart it says that there are downloads that didn't complete and asks if I would like to restart them. It happens in private mode as well.

    I just went to download Opera portable as you suggested and the download finished. To double check I also downloaded Eclipse and that finished too. I then attempted to download a photo from facebook and it locked up again. I tested the same file with my personal local server and it had the same issue. From there I started testing download size by packaging files in a zip file and it failed until I hit 20MB. Based on that I think it's probably some stupid virus checking shit.

    Did they add that recently? There is a new "Protect me from malicious sites" check box that I had initially checked when I reinstalled Opera. Couldn't find any information on it though.

  • I think that option is mainly against phishing sites, and it's been there for a long time (even Opera 12 had it). Have you tried temporarily disabling Windows Defender, just in case?

    After it first failed, if you reopen Opera and download again the files that worked, do they still work?

  • I'm honestly completely confused now. I installed some back updates and rebooted and it's working again. I was mistaken, I didn't have MS Defender working. It was Security Essentials and it seemed to be broken when I was testing. It's working now.

    After it stopped, it never "failed", it was impossible to refresh and load new pages. When I restarted the browser it would ask if I wanted to finish the downloads that didn't finish before I closed the browser last time. If I click yes it would lock up again and do nothing.

    Regardless this is a bug that needs to be fixed because it doesn't matter if the download finishes, the browser shouldn't stop working completely.