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Very long extension moderation process

  • Our addon for example ( as I think with most other users, it is also written under Google Chrome browser and is in the store (, and it is not 100% identical, if there was a field in which I could indicate this I indicated what was the point of checking it if it was already checked? Moreover, the addon may change in some cases several times a month, and it’s not actual, of course, for customers it’s not interesting, they use in this case other browsers, in which it is up-to-date and working. The checkout time in Google is 1 hour, you used to have about a week, which is uncritical, but recently it happens once in half a year.

  • Hello, Opera team

    our extension was first submitted for moderation on 7 september 2017, today it is 27 march 2019 and it is still not moderated. That is 565 days or 1,54 years. Please let me know you thoughts on this matter.

    Extension ID: moekeoinnnfapinppebpbffhaeeejlgp

    Thank you

  • When will this mockery of extension developers finally stop?
    Why do we have to wait so long? It seems to me that nobody is just doing this, the extensions are abandoned. I am sure that a team of several people in a month would check all that has accumulated over the years.

  • The expansion from Dec 3, 2018 has not passed the moderation. The situation is absolutely not adequate. I did not abandon the hopes of moderating my extension just because extensions from your store are suitable for the yandex browser. If it were not for this fact, I would have stopped the development for your browser for a long time. And many developers from Russia, Ukraine and other countries would have done the same. Shame Opera

  • For me, last extension they approved took 136 days...


  • @kurtq now my extention was submitted couple of days ago

  • It sure would be infinitely easier and cheaper for both developers and Opera if the Opera team would allow extensions to be loaded from the Chrome Web Store as the Vivaldi and Brave browsers do.

    Here is my math:

    Cost for developers to submit and Opera to review extensions = X
    Cost if we just used the Chrome Web Store = 0

    X divided by 0 = ∞

    Does anyone see a mistake in my math?

  • Previously, it was, through an extension called "Install Chrome Extensions". Now it does not work. I can not understand the development path of the Opera browser

  • I submitted a new extension and its still awaiting moderation since 5 April 2019.Could a moderator please give me an update?.

    Extension ID : bpijoicbfembopnchnpmnnjjlhflmddi

    Kind Regards

  • @seosnitchosm In the queue please, I have from Dec 3, 2018 🙂
    But seriously, people do not moderate over the years. It's very sad

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