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All mails from account lost because service is closed now?!

  • Opera should have a backup shouldn't have they?

    They probably had when the service was running. Now that the service has ended, all its stuff may has been trashed.

    How did they think we'd agree with this kind of conduct?

    The Terms of Service said that they could end any services anytime. They gave the users about four months to get a backup of their blogs, files and so on which was enough time.

  • Dear all With the Closing of
    My Opera I have also lost my
    data and photos stored in my
    opera photos, Can any one
    tell how can I get back my
    Data stored in My Opera

  • Dear all With the Closing of
    My Opera I have also lost my
    data and photos stored in my
    opera photos, Can any one
    tell how can I get back my
    Data stored in My Opera

    You can't, they are gone.

  • Unless they were public and Google's cache or the web archive has them, they are gone.

  • You must have the original photos that you used to post them on your MyOpera blog ?. After all, My Opera was a blogging, community interaction and picture sharing site, not a file backup service.

  • @bairagya: Hi, if you are Biswajit Bairagya, then you can find your photos on the, here.

  • Google's cache


  • I am in the same boat as a lot of folks. I placed a lot of photos of key significant events on My Opera and they are all lost. And I don't remember one email about the site closing , or I'd have retrieved everything. (I trawled ALL my emails a moment ago and found Nada about a closure.) As incredibly naive as it sounds, it never dawned on me for one minute that that information would just be dumped.

    I tend to use Facebook now for sharing photographs with friends but as big as that company is now, the experiences I had with My Opera have made me Uber Cautious. I keep everything on an external hard drive AND an old windows XP computer.

  • Hey! I always keep;) (don't tell anybody!)
    Mails there were. What caused you couldn't find any, I don't know. However, there are three such possibilities I can think of right away:

    1. you could change your reg email and then forgot it;
    2. you didn't, but occasionally there was a glitch at your mail service, or (could be a glitch also) you could change the cleaning settings for your spam folder (or such) and that letter (those letters) happened to veer there...
    3. I don't know if it could be a case - nobody actively participating in the Forums complained about non-receiving such letters - still we couldn't rule something like that out either, or a mishap of sorts.

    Now, your photos do most probably reside backed up alright in the web archives. In a short time I used the Google caches, though now you could need to resort to the archive guys shared links to above here.

  • I am so glad that I did not make my primary and kept that for Facebook. It is a bit shameful to say that they are all gone! The service may close but as a courtesy and also with some attitude for respecting the user content trusted with Opera, it should been backed up and made available for those who missed the notification bus.

    What I do miss however were the comments on my blogs that are now gone. Those comments and the thread cannot truly be replicated. they carried context and also presented a time-line view on opinions. Sad as it may be that the closure was so sloppily managed, well, that is how things change and move on. Sigh!

    As one commentator said on this thread previously, Opera is by no means a small operation, but simply acting like one.

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