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Opera Mini 18 beta for Android

  • about the last update (June 7), can we edit or disable those suggestions?
    and I see there you boldly suggest engadget, but have you successfully open the site with extreme saving? it literally went white after finished loading.

  • I am also on July 7 update (105772) and I agree 100% with d-wa. There are suggestions (sites) that show up when putting focus in the address bar or search bar and all of the sites seem unnecessary (without having the ability to disable or modify them). The sites placed there are not sites I would ever even go to. Please allow to disable or modify those suggestions/sites.

    Also, still hoping opera will allow a quick toggle for switching between data savings and extreme modes (could be added on settings quick menu and the amount of data saved could still be seen-just needs to be slightly modded-if that is what is keeping this feature from being added). The convenience of this quick toggle would be very helpful without having to go to another screen to switch data modes (would appreciate less touchscreen presses for a function I use multiple times).


  • I saved 27 pages at older beta versions. Now I installed the beta 18 and 11 of them don't open anymore, but they are still on the list of saved pages.

  • I find it deeply irritating that every time I enter into the url bar a row of Icons pops up for websites I don't use and won't search for. There should be an option to turn it off. So irritating that I'm considering switching to another browser for a while. That would be a shame since I love the opera beta so much and run it on all of my computers and devices. Please consider an option to turn that service off.

  • just couldn't recall...
    how to save pages in opera 18?

  • there is no + sign at the url bar !

  • there is no + sign at the url bar !

    But there is a 'three dots' one replacing it.

  • Just realize that the new search field retain search terms like the old v7. Very great, complimenting the Classic layout better.

    what's bothering me is the reload button placement which is well hidden under the 'three dots'. It could be better if it hidden under the O menu OR not hidden at all.

    I'm still waiting for the whole UI to go bottom side and the navigation bar always visible.

    I actually had problem displaying the nav-bar. Because the page needed to be scrolled up for some speed in order for it to show, it become quite challenging in pages with inadequate height. Sometimes it just simply won't show once it's hidden.

  • Hello Opera team...

    Please add an option to have the top part (tabs, address bar etc..) fixed when scrolling in the tablet layout.
    It's a little hard to use on a PC as it is right now.

    Thank you...

  • some time error show samsung j5 phoens..? :awww:

  • Built in Download Manager needs damn upgrade.
    Tried to download this file with High saving mode. Opera Mini downloaded it with very slow speed (takes 29 Minutes to finish) & while downloading it, download failed 2 times & can't able to Resume. On the other hand, a download manager named "ADM Pro" takes 8 Minutes to finish the download with multi thread connection with no errors.
    Please, upgrade the poor built in download manager & some tweaks in it.

  • Hi All,

    a new bug fixing update was released today to Google Play. It mostly brings stability enhancements and improvements for start page scrolling performance.

    As for your comments about search bar and suggestion, we really appreciate your comments and we will improve overall experience regarding it.

    Now, we encourage you to go to Google Play store and download the latest build and share your feedback with us.

  • finally a button into video player for play it Portrait mode. But it would be better if the video player has forward & backword rewind button like Opera Mini 17

  • hi opera mini team,

    please upload the latest beta to a non-google repository?

    many thanks

  • Still no downloading improvements.
    Alas !!!

  • Still no downloading improvements.
    Alas !!!

    And they will not come just because you ask for it several days a week.

  • I agree with vjgrace ... we require quick toggle on data savings bar itself.. we use this function more often & can't go always to two steps for enabling & disabling

  • I agree with alexcaspian... downloads part require upgradation in opera mini... I downloaded a file in opera mini which took 10min.. but uc mini took 5 min...

  • There are still some fixes to be done. Some websites doesn't work properly. I am using opera as my browser from past 5 years and used it in my java mobile earlier and now in Android.
    My website has a widget which shows the fb page but sometimes it does not show up even when extreme mode is off.

  • [Mod note : This post violates the forum rules. Please do not keep posting the same complaint lots of times.]

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