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How can I persuade Opera that I'm not in Canada?

  • This is driving me nuts. Opera has some setting somewhere that is clearly telling it to use for search and indeed to assume I'm in Canada in various other areas of its functionality. (I used to live there until three years ago.) But I cannot for the LIFE of me find where that is and how to change or delete it.

    Please don't suggest that it's a setting in com.operasoftware.Opera (especially in "Local State"). It isn't, or certainly it is not SOLELY there. I can blitz that folder in its entirety and Opera will blithely recreate it next time, including the "ca" setting. There is something somewhere else that is telling it every time that I'm in Canada. It makes searching with Google a nightmare, and completely screws up things like logging into and using ebay.

    Any help would be gratefully received.

  • Where are you - or where do you want to say you are? Do you use Turbo? Ebay shouldn't depend on a setting in Opera, unless you have either Turbo or some other proxy enabled.

  • I'm in the US. No, I'm not using Turbo.

  • kaitaincps, did you ever find an answer to this?
    I'm having the same issue (although different country).