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M2 - How I;m able to move message from ' draft ' folder from 1 copy Opera to another copy Opera

  • Hi ,

    I today need to install USB standalone Opera 11.xx for some reason as the old one ( same verion v. 11.xx ) seems mess up in index.ini.

    The old verions I need those draft mails back .

    How to transfer them to the new fresh USB standalone Opera copy ?

    Thank you very much.

  • You can't import it to Drafts, best you can do is import it as Sent and then edit it to save it as a draft.

  • In the old Opera, right-click in the mail panel, goto "show messages from" and set it to the specific account you want to deal with. Then, right-click "All Messages/Drafts" and export to an mbs file. Then, use "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" to import the file into the account you want. Set the file in the "move to sent" drop-down.

    They'll be imported as sent messages, but you'll be able to right-click on them and edit them as new. You can choose to edit each one of those imported sent messages and just change one thing so that Opera creates a draft for it. Then, you'll have your drafts back and you should then be able to delete the imported sent ones and keep the ones in drafts.

    Do the same for other accounts.

    Note though that since Opera doesn't add attachment data to a draft and only embeds it when sending (forget what version Opera started doing that), any drafts with attachments will no longer have attachments using this method to restore your drafts.

    Also see the note about "drafts" in "store folder" at

    There's no "move to drafts" option in the generic mbox wizard, so you can't import an mbs file as a draft. The draft status is embedded in each message if you import the copy of the draft that's in the mbs file in the "store/drafts" folder. But, last time I checked, the importer doesn't use that.

  • Thanks & cool........

    Unfortunately i have to do them 1 by 1 when I have 40+ of them.

    By the way, How I can keep M2 load mails faster at Opera start up ?

    In my old copy Opera the same amount of mails load up very very slow but on the same laptop the new standalone Opera copy I just have installed, load the same amount of mails like rocket. Why that ?

    Version 11.xx

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi burnout426,

    Can I use your method also for 'Received' mails ? ( instead of draft )

    I am not sure even if I can successfully " transplant " both the whole Received mails & also copy paste the account.ini to the new install standalone USB Opera..............

    It will still fetch the mail from beginning and eventually I will get duplicate mails.

    Is there any work around I can avoid Opera re-fetching all the mails ? I think I may have in previous experience this re-fetching.....

    Thank you very much.

  • Can I use your method also for 'Received' mails ?

    Yes, you can export received messages and import them into another Opera Mail. If a message is still on the server though and you import a copy of that message, you'll indeed get duplicates where you need to delete the imported copy and keep the one that's fetched from the server.

  • Hi burnout426,

    I have uninstalled Opera but kept the ' mail ' folder on a separate drive before uninstall.

    Would it be possible to use this ' mail ' folder for importing mails to a new install Opera ?

    ( I use the same set account.ini to the new install as account.ini is in the same file )

    Thank you.

  • Would it be possible to use this ' mail ' folder for importing mails to a new install Opera ?

    Yep. You do the same old fix-the-mail-folder steps.

  • Hello ,

    Please can you tell me if the export mails ( inbox, Received , draft or sent ) when importing to new install Opera ,

    Attachment are kept ?

    i.e. in my old sent mail attached when export/import to new install Opera, this session.exe would be also imported together with the orginal sent mail ?

    Thank you very much.

  • With sent messages, yes. With draft messages, it might depend on whether you're using an Opera before the attachment embedding changes. To check, ctrl + s a draft and look at it with a text editor to see if the attachment data is there.

    That's with the "right-click -> export" option and the "import generic mbox" option.