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  • The Opera 37.0.2178.4 has been promoted to the beta channel 😉

    The change log, and the announcement: Opera built-in ad blocking, now in beta.

    "The major new feature in our initial beta 37 is definitely native ad-blocking.

    Today, we are introducing our native ad-blocking feature to the beta channel to help you get rid of bloated, overdone ads – and do it very quickly.

    We are the first major browser vendor to integrate an ad-blocking feature. With this option, Opera can now block ads as early as possible: right in the engine, when a network request for a URL is first being made.

    Those familiar with the developer version of our implementation will easily spot a number of changes. For instance, Opera’s ad-blocking feature is deactivated by default, and you won’t get any pop-up prompt about it. Instead, to activate it, just go to Settings – it is available in the “Basic” section, as well as in the “Privacy and Security” section:

    After you’ve done so, when you go to the page with blocked ads and click the blue shield, you will see a dialog with statistics showing how many ads you’re blocking on the current page and how many you’ve blocked overall. Note the blue number on the left side of the shield that indicates how many ads you have blocked, even without clicking – we have followed users’ suggestions here and implemented this little, yet useful, change.

    If you disable ad-blocking on a website, the website is added to an exception list (white-listed), which you can manage from Opera’s settings. Just click the gear icon in the pop-up’s upper-right corner to go there quickly and also to see other white-listed websites. The exception list now contains only four websites that offer a very good experience to their users with ads on.

    From the ad-blocker menu pop-up, you can also open a speed benchmark. This loads the currently open page twice: the first check is performed without blocking ads and the second one with blocking enabled; then, you get results for the time it took for each page to load. Please note that subsequent tests might slightly vary, but the overall result should be consistent. Also, this page has changed slightly in comparison to the previous version:

    Our research also clearly shows that browsing with the Opera’s native ad-blocking feature is the fastest solution when compared to various ad-blocking extensions available on the market. We have performed testing on over sixty content-rich websites. The machine used for internal tests has an AMD Phenom II X6 processor with 8 GB of RAM and is running on Windows 10, 64-bit. We have done similar tests on various systems. The percentage obtained remains very similar and consistent, while the average loading time of particular pages varies. Please see the infographic below for results:

    Refreshed start-page config panel

    A lot of our users reported the need for hiding the huge “plus” button in the Speed Dial section of the start page. Now, we’ve made this possible through the “Customize Startpage” configuration panel. Just make sure that you have enabled “Show advanced options” in the Settings page.

    Also, we have made it possible for you to customize items appearing in the sidebar navigation panel. Just go to the customization menu, expand the “Navigation” section and enjoy access to downloads and settings!

    Internal WebUI layout

    This feature is basically related to the aforementioned one. We have unified the look and feel of our internal pages, including settings, downloads, extensions and even flags. Also, the “About” page has gained a refreshed look:

    Rate Opera

    We’ve also introduced the possibility for you to give us direct feedback. Users will be randomly selected to participate in a poll to rate Opera. The “Rate Opera” button will first be visible any date from 7 to 365 days after switching to Opera 37+. This date is chosen randomly to allow all users to express their opinion throughout the year. The button will be visible for up to 3 days, or until the user submits or cancels the “Rate Opera” dialog. Then, the “Rate Opera” button will return a year later.

    Native context menus

    We’re now using the system context menus to create a unified look across platforms. This is a minor change, most visible on Windows 8+.

    Synchronization enhancements

    The following improvements have been implemented:

    1. Prevent the syncing engine from stopping unless the user logs out intentionally (maintain the connection even when kickouts happen).

    2. Auto-relog to the syncing service in case of kickouts (if user agreed to store his/her credentials).
      Both of these changes, as well as a number of other fixes, will increase the stability of synchronized connections.

    Certificate transparency

    In order to enhance security in the browser, we have implemented the Google certificate transparency (CT) system made for preventing and discovering certificate forgery. More details on the feature can be found here.

    Chrome topSites API compatibility

    We have also added Chrome topSites API compatibility, which will be most interesting for extension developers. More info about this feature can be found here.

    As you can see, we have some new, nice things for you here. See for yourself and enjoy!"

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New build - Opera beta 37.0.2178.10 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today’s beta update offers just a few stabilization and minor UI fixes and, such as:

    - Fixed too narrow scrollbar on Win7 systems with high DPI.

    - On OSX, the browser could not be closed when the user downloaded a large file. It is now fixed.

    - Also on OSX, swipe gestures when navigating back and forward with Magic Mouse are fixed.

    - Resuming interrupted downloads should now work correctly.

    - “Open all in new tabs” from Bookmark Manager subfolders should now work.

    - Crash when trying to display notification with notifications disabled in Windows is fixed."

    The Chromium has been updated to version 50.0.2661.57.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • Really happy to see native context menus in the webui's 🙂

  • New build - Opera beta 37.0.2178.19 😉

    The change log, and the announcement: "Opera beta update with new video pop out".

    "Today’s beta update is an extra special one, because we have, a surprise, brand-new feature for you to try. This is an exceptional situation since the feature skipped developer, landing straight into beta. In this case, we just couldn’t wait to show it to you, so we’ve shortened our usual development cycle.

    Presenting video pop out

    So, what is it about?

    This feature allows you to shift your video frame to the side of your screen, so that you can truly multitask: browse the comments, look for something in another tab or even prepare a presentation without missing out on the video action. Drag and toss your video around the screen, place it wherever you like, and close it immediately should the need arise.

    How do I use it?

    Go to a video page, such as YouTube, and run a video. You should see an additional button in the middle of the top border:

    Click the button to pop out your video:

    The video, of course, has its own controls to use. You can also re-attach the video or immediately dismiss it with one hit of the quick close button in the upper-right corner: this action will also pause the original video.

    How does it work?

    This feature is based on HTML5 technology – we provide the functionality for content embedded in the <video> tag. This means that (hopefully) soon-to-be deprecated plug-in-based technologies, such as Flash or Silverlight, are not supported.


    Yup, a few. The video control is still undergoing intense development, and we would like to use your help to improve this feature. So, whenever you spot a bug, or simply have an idea for how we could do things better– please let us know in the comments! We know that at least resizing of the video window is tricky. Can you find more problems?

    Other updates and fixes

    1. As SPDY (open networking protocol for transporting web content) is going to be deprecated soon, we’ve switched our implementation of Turbo 2 to HTTP/2. This should be transparent to the end user, but we thought we should mention it.

    2. We have applied further optimizations to our ad blocker. The memory consumption has been significantly reduced.

    3. Language selection in the spellchecker now works correctly.

    4. The “Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware” setting was selected, but not respected by Opera after a restart. This is now fixed.

    5. We have also fixed the Win10 Opera Menu icon color – now it’s red."

    Chromium has been updated to version 50.0.2661.66.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New build - Opera beta 37.0.2178.22 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today we’ve got a quick update on beta stream. You can expect a lot of video pop out fixes. As most important examples we’ve got:

    - DNA-52184 Resizing of the detached video window works much better now. This is because there is a minimal window size implemented. There’s no possibility to make that window disappear.

    - DNA-52238 Now there are no interruptions with autoplay when commercials are on. Opera used to close the detached video window in some corner cases.

    - DNA-52416 Detaching video window on OS X after first click is fixed now. As for now – hand cursor appears over the buttons on MAC on detached video window."

    Chromium has been updated to version 50.0.2661.75.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New build - Opera beta 37.0.2178.27 😉

    The change log, and the announcement.

    "Today’s beta is the stable release candidate, so please take into account that it contains just minor updates and stabilization fixes. Take a look at the following highlights:

    - There are a few ad-blocking feature fixes and adjustments, including the important fix for some pages not working when the feature was on.

    - The speed benchmark can now be correctly finalized regardless of the tab activity.

    - We implemented a few video pop out fixes, including the fix for the scenario that, when videos were covered by an overlay content, the detach button was not visible.

    - We have also fixed a crash when the system date/time was incorrectly set.

    The Chromium version has been updated to 50.0.2661.87.

    If you spot any issue you think is unsuitable for the stable quality, please let us know."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New build - Opera beta 37.0.2178.31, and the announcement 😉

    "This quick release is out of the regular release cycle, and contains only one fix – for a renderer crash while going full screen on embedded YouTube videos (DNA-53190). Apologies for the inconvenience, and please make sure you have the newest beta to have this fix-up."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • The Opera 37.0.2178.32 has been promoted to the stable channel 😉

    The change log, and the announcement: "Native ad blocker and video pop out ready in Opera".

    "Many of you have been waiting for the final version of Opera 37 with the native ad blocker.

    And, here it is!

    We truly appreciate that you tested the developer version. So, please keep your feedback coming, because it helps us improve the features for you.

    Currently, you are helping us test our browser VPN in the developer version, and we are looking forward to rolling it out in the stable version soon.

    Why we’ve brought ad blocker to Opera

    At Opera, we truly care about speed. For more than 20 years, we have always kept pushing ahead for faster and leaner browsers. However, when planning our new features for 2016, we realized that, with no bloated ads, some top websites would load up to 90% faster. This is a serious performance issue that browsers haven’t been able to respond to for a long time.

    We decided to change this by bringing, as the first major browser maker, native ad-blocking technology directly to the browser. And, “native” means that the ad blocking happens at the web engine level, making page loads much faster, while consuming much less memory than extension-based ad blockers.

    How good is the native ad blocker?

    Bringing this technology directly to the browser engine simplifies ad blocking and makes it much faster compared to extensions.

    Many ad-blocker extensions spend a lot of time checking whether URLs or page elements occur in their block lists. Opera checks the block list using native code and fast algorithms, making the computation as fast as possible, which is out of reach for extension-based solutions. Furthermore, Opera blocks ads as early as possible: right in the engine, when a network request for a URL is first being made.

    Our research shows that browsing with Opera’s ad-blocking feature is on average 62% faster than without ad blocker.

    Recently, our further research has shown that browsing with the ad blocker enabled reduces memory consumption by up to 47%. Our test case showed reduced RAM usage of up to 600 MB for just 10 tabs.

    How to enable native ad blocker

    Using our native ad blocker is really simple. It’s deactivated by default, so you need to go to Settings (or Preferences on Mac) and flip the “Block ads” switch to turn it on. To activate or deactivate ad blocker for a specific website, simply click the shield icon in the address bar and flip the switch there.

    The ad blocker dialog will reveal statistics showing how many ads you’re blocking on the current page and how many you’ve blocked overall. If you disable ad blocking on a website, the website is added to an exception list, which you can manage from Opera’s settings. You can click the gear icon in the pop-up to go there quickly.

    Speed test – more than a gadget

    With Opera’s ad blocker, you can benchmark the loading speed of the current webpage with and without the ad blocker enabled. It’s not only a great tool for users, but also will help advertisers and publishers understand the problem of heavy ads, and help accelerate the change that the ad industry needs to pursue.

    We hope you enjoy playing around with these benchmarks. To encourage you, today we’re kicking off a fun, giveaway activity on our Twitter profile, where you can send your screenshots to show how much faster you’ve browsed with Opera.

    Stay tuned for the giveaway details from Opera on Twitter.

    Video pop out

    Another important addition in this version is the video pop out feature, which allows you to shift your video frame to the side of your screen, so you can truly multitask: browse, shop online or do the research without missing out on the video action. You can drag your video around the screen and close it immediately should the need arise. People love watching videos, and we believe this feature will significantly improve the way you experience your favorite video content.

    We are happy to bring two such important improvements to the stable version. Stay tuned to hear about more cool stuff we have planned for you. Download the latest Opera for computers, and let us know what you think about it in the comments."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • wow nice now i cant watch any Videos at all anymore im sorry,
    but i warned you guys before that youtube Vidoes or any Vidoes still freeze if they get into fullsceen!
    your newest update that should have solved the problem didnt do anything for me and many other people!

    I need around 1-2 minutes to load in fullscreen and also out of it!this is really annoying!

    Elsewise i really like those new features but i would also like to watch Videos in fullscreen!

  • Wow that is the coolest feature in opera.I love using opera. Keep it up browser.

  • New update - Opera stable 37.0.2178.43, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    There is no 64-bit builds for Linux this time – sorry for that.


    1. YouTube videos are now marked as ‘watched’ with Adblock on (DNA-50755).

    2. Editing speed dials’ title is now possible, even if there is only one row of SDs and google search bar is off (thanks for pointing that iPristy) (DNA-52811).

    3. Fixes regarding Adblocker feature.

    4. Extension icons are scaled correctly now in HiDPI (DNA-48194).

    5. Detaching videos with more than one monitors works correctly now on OS X (DNA-52749).

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • For all thats holy give us the Option to disable the detached video, that little button in the top center is very annoying../ :awww:

  • Hi @littlegraysheep, you can disable it as follows: go to the address bar, copy/paste opera:flags#media-detachable-view, and press Enter, select "Disabled" from the drop-down, and press "Relaunch Now" 😉

  • Hi is there a way that the error with "CookieMismatch" in google won't appear?
    Someone already told me that opera don't support google. But i still want to ask for a way since i only use Opera. Thanks

  • Hi @shizukasana, please have a look here, perhaps the tip mentioned there, will help also in your case 😉

  • New update - Opera stable 37.0.2178.54, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "There are a few fixes included, such as:

    1. Detach button won’t be visible in full screen anymore DNA-53205.

    2. Pop out video wont freeze anymore after moving source tab to separate window.

    Apart from these, and some other minor bug fixes, this update also contains a number of security fixes, as Chromium is updated to version 50.0.2661.102."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers: