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  • I did a search in here for customizing and customization but mostly just found urination festivals going back and forth.

    I just found Opera and downloaded it to give it a try. I'm running Windows 10 on a couple PCs (desktop/laptop) that I use for doing work. I don't care at all about a speed page for Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or whatever. I'm looking to open the browser, do a search, get the info, get out. Or open the browser, click the bookmarks, find the one I want, get there, get info, get out.
    I currently use Firefox, which I've customized to be the way I want it... I'm trying to find the same sort of customizations for Opera:
    Menu with a bookmarks tab instead having a bookmarks toolbar or sidebar taking up space all the time.
    Customizable buttons so I can have the reload, foward, back, Home, and other buttons where they're most convenient for me.

    And how do I get the "imported" bookmarks to become "native" bookmarks so I don't have to go through all these mouseclicks, opens, drags and all that to get to a bookmark?

    I can live with the tabs above the address bar and things like that, but it would be nice to have this work with as little adjustment on my part as possible. If it's extensions I need, can someone suggest good ones for doing the above?

    edit: Wow, I just posted this and tried to add a bookmark... There's gotta be a simpler way - I don't want to walk through menus, pick folders, or do anything else - just click on "Add a bookmark" and have it in the list... How do I do that?

  • There is no UI's customizability in "new" Opera.

    Firefox is the last browser with customizable UI. BTW, the "old" Opera 12 still beat Firefox in this term

  • Wow, that's DISAPPOINTING... A performance increase would be nice, but the way this thing handles bookmarks is painful. If there's not a way to bookmark a page WITHOUT going through all the garbage it'll be difficult to get very excited.

    I also can't believe there aren't add-ons that will let me do things as trivial as having a "home" button and rearranging the buttons. That's sad.

  • Add bookmark can be done by clicking on the heart icon in the address bar. If you like the location, the you're fine.

  • A home button can be added via the Chrome extensions. There is another thread in regards to what needs to be done first.

  • I found a home button an added it. Unfortunately, it's stuck way over on the other side of the 30" screen. Not as useful as it might be. I'm guessing I can't even do such trivial customization as putting the refresh, home, and arrows all together on the left side to make the browser more productive...

    It's too bad 'cause it SEEMS to run a bit faster than Firefox. But, the inability to customize even simple things, and the painful way it handles bookmarks are obstacles.

    I'm used to having a bookmark list. My most recent additions are at the end. I use unsorted bookmarks for quick access to things like this forum discussions.

    I know there are two schools of thought on software these days - there's the "you WILL NOT customize, you WILL adapt YOUR workflow to fit our software" - and there's the "customize our software to fit the way you work" school. At this point, it appears to me that Opera is largely in the first group. Which makes it harder for me to make it the first browser I grab when I need to get online.