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please make an opera 12 subforum!

  • since you just deleted the old myopera without hesitation and all the knowledge is lost by this impertinent action,
    and this new forum must be the simplest and because of that sh* forum i ever came across,
    at least have the courtesy of making a niche for the old opera users here.

  • While I share your sentiments regarding a desire for such a subforum, I don't think it's the wisest approach to be verbally abusive when asking somebody to do something for you for free. Please keep in mind that the New Opera browser represents a revenue source for Opera ASA, via a range of preferred-placements and usage in the browser; the only revenue source for Opera ASA in Olde Opera lies in the use of a 'preferred' search engine. So you're really asking for forum-support consideration for an old browser that produces little or no ongoing revenue to those paying for the forum server space... an old browser, moreover, which competes for market share (at whatever level) with their new revenue-producing product. Just sayin' 😉


    And by the way, I already started a thread about Opera 10 to 11 in the Lounge some time ago...

  • it IS the sh* forum there is, isnt it? its more like a pinboard with zero options and zero volume & diversity.
    if they did care about their users, that were faithful all these years, they wouldnt just delete everything, wouldnt they?
    speaking of which, loseing god knows how much "revenue" with their potential fanbase.

    maybe i should be more polite when asking, but why should i? they treated us like dump and they need every potential customer noadays they can get. but they obviously didnt learn from past mistakes.

    i also know, there will never be an opera 12 subforum. this tread was actually more rhetorical.
    a statement. thanks for listening.

  • Now that Opera appears to be owned by Chinese concerns, I seriously doubt your rude request will receive anything other than ignoring.

  • actually i have way more confidence in the chinese. it cannot get worse than until now.

    but good thing that you didnt ignore it.

  • ...
    maybe i should be more polite when asking, but why should i? ...

    Well, since you brought it up: because it's the mature way to do things, because of all the years you enjoyed the free browser and its free forums, because you will attract more bees with honey than with vinegar, and because the folks most likely to read your offensive description of the current forums are the ones most likely to have been volunteering their time here to help other users to the degree they can - and your description splatters them as well as Opera. Again, just sayin'.

  • a mature thing would be the ability to distiguish what someone is saying and not lumping everything together and using bad analogies. the users have nothing to do with it, did you even read what i wrote?
    but i see that you seem to be personally offended and when you are talking about "the folks" you mean you.
    its all in your misreading, dont blame me.

    and tell me seriously that you dont think that this "forum" absolutely sucks in its frugalness?
    oh, come on..

  • maybe i should be more polite when asking, but why should i

    Because ut's part of the forum rules to be polite. So if you want to stay as a member of this forum, you will follow the rules and be polite.

    Also, being polite is usually more helpful for the person than being stupid and arrogant.

  • i also know, there will never be an opera 12 subforum.

    Because it's totally unnecessary imo. If you want to post an issue in Opera Presto, just mention the version on the post - as anyone should do - and people will know that the topic is about Opera 12.

  • as far as i can see i didnt break any rule,
    and you are starting to insult users calling me stupid and arrogant, you little f*.

    maybe someone should teach you the meaning of moderation.
    which idiot gave you a badge? unbelievable.

  • as far as i can see i didnt break any rule,
    and you are starting to insult users calling me stupid and arrogant, you little f*.

    Yes, you did. And even if you hadn't broken the rules, you just did it.

    And i did not call anyone stupid and arrogant but now everyone knows that both seem to fit perfectly on you.

  • Dear Opera forum administrator, could you, please, make an Opera 12 forum section ?
    Thank you !

  • There seem to be a significant number of people still using versions before Opera 12, so I think a "Presto Opera" section would be the right way to go.
    It can be very confusing in the existing sections where people don't say which generation of the Opera browser they're using, and this would help a lot as long as people then post in the right section! At least if the mods find that a poster is talking about a Presto version they can then move the thread.
    This has been suggested several times before, but there seems to be no enthusiasm to actually do it for some reason.

  • Dear Opera forum administrator, could you, please, make a Presto Opera forum section ? Thank you !

  • Don't forget Opera Mail also uses Presto. So questions about that product should go in the same subforum. (Maybe that argument will add a little weight to the request.)

  • I use Opera 12.18. Personally I do not like the Chromium-based browsers, partly due to the interface and partly due to the fact they seem less configureable, such as not being able to relocate my cache folder. So I will be staying with Opera 12.18 unless there is a further update for that. I notice in the Changelogs page there is no mention of 12.18, it only goes up to .17. Opera 12.* works well on non-SSE2 CPUs. But I cannot find a download link now for Opera 12.*.

  • "Legacy Opera"?

    "Legacy Opera products"?

  • @koetsu
    You can download all the available earlier versions of Opera up to and including 12.18 here.