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Unrequested bookmark added to my speed dial

  • Hi

    I have Opera 35 - a couple of times over the last month I have opened Opera to find a new bookmark on my speed dial page linking to Any idea what might be causing this?


  • When Opera updates, they will add new partner content (speed dials and searches). You can delete them, but sometimes they'll return with a later update. (I've been told they shouldn't, but there's a couple I got tired of deleting in a folder I ignore.)

    Since partner content depends on country, I can't say if is one or not - they wouldn't add a UK site to US users. But the timing is correct - there was just another update recently.

  • Many thanks, sgunhouse.

  • This has happened to me to with pricespy ... I don't like this sort of thing at all.

  • Hmm, never seen them on my end. You might have an infection of some sort. I'd run some malware/spyware scans (not with a virus scanner) and see if anything pops up.

  • am also getting an added bookmark for this site, until now it does seem to be benign with no suspicious activity being logged by malwarebytes.

    I have added the site to the hosts file in Windows to prevent connection to the site just in case, however this may not stop Opera from popping the bookmark back on to my speed dial tab.

  • Pricespy is normally considered a legitimate website and organization. I've personally never encountered a link between it and adware or malware.

  • I've been getting the Pricespy bookmark on my speed dial page too.
    Malwarebytes hasn't found anything, is there a wy to stop it?

  • Simply delete it each time it appears after an Opera update? Malwarebytes won't find anything because it's not adware or malware... most likely, it's a paid browser ad placement with Opera for a legitimate company. Opera has to fund its 'free' browser somehow...

  • I'm getting very tired of this bookmark appearing on all my Opera installations every week or so. I have six installs of opera (some linux some windows) and when it appears on one it'll be on every other one if I boot into that machine. Pricespy may not be a malware/adware site, but that bookmark is behaving as such.
    Opera seem to be intent on finding ways to make it less appealing to use there browser. Thankfully there are choices.

  • Tell us what the link it. It might be malware.

  • It's the PriceSpy one, Opera keep forcing it into my speed dial, I keep removing it. If it was an every now and again thing I wouldn't mind but it's about a once a week thing.

  • Hello,

    I'm an employee at PriceSpy (though I'm not writing in an official capacity).
    We have some sort of marketing deal with a partner that includes visibility in the Opera browser (my best guess - based on the problem - is that this would be some sort of default speed dial page selection on initial install).

    You do not have to be afraid of malware on your computer, it's just the Opera browser doing this

    We've gotten complaints directed at us as well, and I've run this up the ladder too se if we want to end this deal.
    I agree that the way it's working seems to be either intrusive or malfunctioning ...

  • Hi, we are investigating the issue, there should be no nagging with stubborn updates of the preinstalled SD's. Sorry for inconvenience.

  • I keep getting this as well. It is not only extremely annoying, but until I found this page yit had me very worried about a malware infection. Especially as my usual anti programs did not find it. If anyone from opera is reading this I suggest you either get rid of this unwanted intrusion, or at least make it clear what it actually is.

  • hi, although the Re-appearing Price Spy was the wrong way to go about it, causing users to reach for their MalwareBytes, i understand that funding needs to be found one way or another. Opera is the best browser in the world in my opinion as an experienced user. Clean and mean. The design of the Speed Dial and bookmarks is such that i can instantly share with my other devices is pure genius. No need to worry about synchronizing etc, it's just perfect. Perhaps stubble advertising in the Menu driven dialogs such as Settings. How about a discrete extra panel alongside (but not in) some carefully selected windows, but Never in the main browser window.

  • I was getting it too, but it didn't really bother me and it never crossed my mind that it might be malware, I just 'tutted' at it then deleted it!

  • I have java version 7 and get this s-t all the time. How can I get rid of it?

  • I have java version 7 and get this s-t all the time. How can I get rid of it?

    If, by that term, you mean you're getting Price Spy, simply delete the speed dial whenever it appears. As a revenue source, Opera negotiates favored placements in the Speed Dial with certain companies, so it might reappear after updates. On the other hand, if you mean that you're getting a variety of strange pop-ups, home pages, or startup pages in your browser, you might have malware/adware issues. I assume that you're running Windows XP if you're still using Java 7; if not using XP, then you definitely should update to the latest Java 8.

    If you're running XP, I'd take a very serious look at dumping Java entirely (Java 8 or higher won't run under XP by design). Java 7 has a number of security flaws being actively exploited in the wild, and publicly-available patches/updates for the version ended over a year ago. Java historically has been one of the major sources of malware infection because it's by nature a system-level scripting language, and due to the numerous security flaws continually being uncovered in it.

  • I'm running Windows10 and Walmart keeps showing up as a site in my speed dial...I love Opera but this is irksome,

    distracting and not at all like the Opera I'm used to. Opera was always neat, clean, reliable and not goofy. This is