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Opera 12.18

  • Going to there is a new Opera 12 version, but I can't find a changelog.

    Would you finally reached the download links? If not, I give both two below. Both links are indicated in the message Opera Security, penultimate paragraph.

    Opera 12 Opera Mail.

    If you had been already achieved, please consider that I prefer to sin by excess than by lacking. 🙂

  • Masking as IE or Firefox didn't work, no change 😞

  • @abdozaghloul

    I'm also having another issue with Opera, some website's icons are missed up when opened in Opera ex,

    1. Try to disable Web Fonts: opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableWebfonts

    2. You can try to enable/disable Web Fonts selectively for a certain web-sites via override.ini editing



    User Prefs|Enable Webfonts=0

  • @abdozaghloul

    Hi guys,I'm using Opera 12.17 and Eset Smart Security 8.
    Recently I updated ESS to v9 and started to get these "Security Issue" notification While using opera on every single website, some websites give bunch of these and I've to click, click, click, ... very annoying.

    There was a similar problem with the KAV (Kaspersky's antivirus suite) and Opera 12.x. The solution was to import a special security certificate into Opera 12 (root certificate made by Kaspersky Labs for Opera) to bypass security warnings:

    Try to ask ESET support for root certificate.

  • Masking as IE or Firefox didn't work, no change

    That's a shame, but it was worth a try!
    My next suggestion would have been the same as stng's, try that.

  • @stng

    I followed the instruction of KAV and tried to match them with Eset, now I don't see any security prompts for the sites I visit, hopefully it is fixed for good.
    Thank you.

    As for web fonts, I tried suggestion #1 and it messed lots of other sites and didn't fix the issue, so I revert settings back.

    Suggestion #2 didn't solve the problem as well.
    While in override.ini file, I see these settings for that site only, maybe they have something to do with the issue ??


    No problem, happy to have help 🙂

    Thank you.

  • @abdozaghloul

    Have you restarted Opera after override.ini editing?
    Too bad i don't have a account. Web Fonts is probably not the issue here.

  • @stng

    Yes I've restarted Opera after editing and also cleared cache.

    Here is another site I noticed having the same problem with.

  • That site looks fine here in 12.18.

  • Hmmmm, very wired for me :(, what could be the cause ?

    I'm using windows 10 Home 64x if that can make any difference.

  • 32-bit or 64-bit Opera? Yes, there is a 64-bit build on the FTP site, but I'm using 32.

  • I'm using 64-bit version (Opera_ 1218_ en_ Setup _x64).


    I've just downloaded 32-bit version, installed to new location and it has the same issue. 😞

    I guess it is something wrong with my PC, but what could it be ??

  • Make sure Opera is set completely correctly to display sites in Author Mode.
    Tools>Preference Settings>Advanced>Content>Style Options>Presentation Modes.
    Make sure that the first and second options are selected in Author Mode, and not the third and fourth. Link style probably doesn't matter.
    User mode should be the other way around.
    Clutching at straws a bit here, but everything's worth checking!

  • No change after changing settings for Style Options.

  • Oh well, again it was worth a try!
    Have you any other sites where you can see the problem that aren't membership sites?
    It would be good to be able to check and compare the exact page that you're seeing. Even if you're just logged in on the homepage it makes it look different, so your screenshot doesn't exactly match what people not logged in are seeing.

  • I might Have found something here, needs more testing.

    What are the important files to keep from profile folder that contain my stuff ??

    I back up: bookmarks.adr, cookies4.dat, operaprefs, search, speeddial and wand.dat, what else should I back up to save my info and stuff ?

  • A full backup would include operaprefs.ini, but it can only be used in the same installation. Likewise if you are backing up cookies and wand then you need the user certs file (I'll have to check the name).

  • You might want to backup your global and typed history too.
    If in doubt, back up your entire profile folder!
    EDIT: I do wish this wretched forum wouldn't mess up what you've typed with its stupid markdown system!
    Whatever happened to WYSIWYG?!

  • I'm glad the "old" Opera is back.

    I have installed O 12.18 on win 10 64 bit and I have the exact same problem that I had with 12.17 - all websites load extremely slow. For example to access it takes several seconds until all documents are loaded and then it takes another 20 or more seconds until all the elements are loaded, one by one, sometimes way over 150 elements before anything happens on the screen. O 35, FF and Edge all load immediately.

    Does anyone have any advice what I could do?

  • I tried the huffpost and loads lazily as you described and have no idea what to do. I also have trouble with ebay and some others. Still I am happy to have the update since it is no longer shutting down unexpectedly.. I just stay way from those heavy websites.

    Maybe opera will feel sorry for us and release another update.

    Edit: Still can't use Chase bank. Keeps saying don't recognize machine while works fine in any other browser.

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