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Opera Mini 13 beta for iOS

  • Yeah, apple just increased the expiration time.

    I think this can help us give you a bit more streamlined experience!

  • Notification and installation went fine.
    Unfortunately I can not confirm any improvements regarding startup time so far,
    looking formward to the next version...

  • And a new beta this morning...


  • And yet another new beta today...


  • No improvements regarding startup time here, even with latest beta.
    It's still slow as hell. Actually so slow that if I didn't know it was "normal", I would kill the app as I suspect it to have crashed (I restart other apps after half the time Opera Mini takes to start, and if they take that long (very rare) something seriously went wrong...)

  • Thanks for Tab sync on iOS, has been long awaited 🙂

    It's currently only half working here though: I see open tabs of my tablet, not not of my desktop installation.
    SpeedDials are correctly synced and I see both of them (tablet and desktop).

    btw: I took a watch to measure startup time after a restart on my iPhone 5c (plenty free mem) with 3 open tabs (simple pages) and sync enabled, and - hold on - it's been 12 seconds 😞

  • Just in case anybody cares: with todays new version (tab sync crash fix), the issues didn't really improve.
    Now I see the tabs of the desktop installation, but not the open tabs of the tablet, though the switch might be a coincidence (only the device with the most up to date sync is shown or whatever...)

  • I hit a major bug in the latest beta. I'm using mini for ios, beta on an iphone 4s with ios v 9.2.1.

    When I launched Mini, the tabs I had open reopened normally. If I long-pressed a link in a page and selected open in new tab, I got a page in a new tab. Those things worked fine.


    When I clicked the speed-dial button, Mini crashed out.
    When I clicked the tabs button and tried to open a new tab, Mini crashed out.
    In either of those two crashes, when I reopened Mini, there was a blank tab, and when I tried to select it, Mini crashed out.

    I could continue to use those two tabs and any tab opened from "open in new tab". I could swipe the blank tab away.

    All of this I was able to repeat a number of times.

    So then I closed all the tabs and pressed the speed-dial button, and it crashed out. When I reopened Mini, it showed all the tabs I'd closed, but when I tried selecting any of them, it crashed out.

    After a full reboot of my iphone, those "ghost" tabs were no longer there, and launching Mini brought up a white screen followed by crashing out.

    I reinstalled the current gold version, and everything is working normally again.


  • Weird - my bug post above didn't push this thread up. Maybe this will. (Yep, it did. If you're interested in the bug post, it's one message up.)


  • With some time on my hands - I've reinstalled the beta, and the problem returned.