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Let's get right down to it, Opera Devs: Where, on God's green earth, are BOOKMARKS??

  • I'd love to see where are you getting your userbase preference data from, pesala, because I have never met a single person who didn't use bookmarks in the past 14 years.

    Listening to your loyal users' complaints and suggestions is intelligent, cause we're the ones doing the word-of-mouth at the end of the day, and nowadays I wouldn't recommend Opera to anybody.

    What's not intelligent is to defend a company that removes basic features from their new products. Do you use Windows 8 too?

  • I'd love to see where are you getting your userbase preference data from, pesala

    Different people have different perceptions of what's important vs what is vital, and what is just nice to have. The developers have to weigh up the pros and cons, after listening to all of their users, and their shareholders, before deciding on what is the highest priority.

    If car manufacturers just listened to a few of the loudest voices, most would be driving electric cars by now, or maybe hydrogen powered cars. If car drivers listened to the Greens, then most people would be riding bikes by now.

    If only they would listen to me, Opera would have implemented editable keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures by now, and tab-stacking, and menu customisation, and maybe give a few more skins, and a way to edit them, and .... just a few hundred more little things I really need.

  • That car example is a completely different issue. We're talking about removing features here.

    Anyway, to begin with that study is assuming that the people who didn't accept the data collection has the same behavior, so it's clearly a biased study.

    In any case, if you want to lose more than a 10% of your user base, even though your web browser is the less used one, that's fine by me. You've already lost me, so I don't care anymore, good luck.

  • It doesn't matter at all if Opera loses 10% of one's existing user base, provided one gains users from other sources. It's totally impersonal, so don't take it so personally, and don't make it a personal issue.

    Why do you talk to me like Opera is my browser? I am just another user. It's not my web browser, and I do not make any decisions regarding what gets implemented and what doesn't.

    You just don't care to face the facts — bye now. Good luck with finding another browser that does exactly what you want.

  • I am uninstalling Opera 20 because there seems to be no provision for importing bookmarks from another browser. The Opera help system says "Select Settings > Import and export File > Import and export." This is false for this version. There is no submenu called Import and export File under Settings in v. 20, and I couldn't find any provision anywhere else.
    Furthermore I see no information for how to contact Opera tech support for this or any other problem. Opera clearly does not want to hear anything from customers or users, and I have no use for companies with that policy.

  • Same here! Who needs another Chrome clone? I have over 4,000 bookmarks and I click on them all the time. I want them on a permanently open list on the left, like Opera 12, which I'm still using, and Firefox, still have.

  • First of all apologize for my English.

    I do not understand why in all clones of chrome not there yet any developer who has made a sidepanel for bookmarks, is because the browser engine? API? The sidepanel is very necessary, almost essential.

  • You might want to look at the Chrome extension Sidewise.

    And here's an extension called Bookmarks Side Panel in the Chrome store.

    These products may not be ready for prime time yet, but I wanted you to see that panels are being worked on.

  • You might want to look at the Chrome extension Sidewise.
    And here's an extension called Bookmarks Side Panel in the Chrome store.
    These products may not be ready for prime time yet, but I wanted you to see that panels are being worked on.

    The first one is for the tabs, not for the bookmarks, is a lateral external panel, but the idea is good. The second does not work for a long long time.

    Chromium, Chrome, SRWare Iron, Chropera, CoolNovo, Comodo, Superbird, ect... none includes something as essential and practical as the side panel of bookmarks, is more, CoolNovo has retired recently and was due to incompatibility with the browser ¿¿¿???

  • Jrista, you can have full bookmarks in the new Opera, Dont expect the Devs to do everything for you, sometimes you have to do it yourself, I have full bookmarks in opera 20, has everything you mentioned except that they probably arent searchable. I mentioned in other areas of these forums how to get the full bookmarks, and you dont need any other extension other than the bookmarks manager, you'll probably need a sorter, mine were exported as HTML presorted before importing to the new Opera, heres screenshots proving you can have full bookmarks in the latest Opera 20

  • Hi everyone,

    First of all I apologize for my English.

    I was reading some posts and threads, particularly relating to bookmarks. Personally I could understand the choice of developers to delete the typical bookmarks in favor of speed dial (if it's seen as a new version/view of them), but in this case there MUST BE a tool to import and manage the old bookmarks in newer version of Opera.

    However, I think that the bookmarks are just one of more and more problems in these latest versions: obviously I'm not referring to the problems of navigation in itself, but in the last 10 (and more) years I've chose Opera for its excellent U.I. and the ability to customize maybe everything, two things that I missed in the latest versions!!

    Over the years I have never been disappointed by the new versions, especially from the point of view of the new features: speed dial and tab-grouping (and many other features) have become indispensable in my daily use both at work and at home, but I think that from version 20 there was a big step back.

    I do not know if this forum is read by developers or by the management, but I hope that in the next versions, Opera return to be Opera and not a bad copy of Chrome or Firefox


  • Welcome bookmarks bar is just not as convenient as the old marking system. thank you.

  • @mythra

    You might try -- if you haven't already -- a bookmarks manager extension, like Chrookmarks for Chrome, or Tidy Bookmarks for Chrome. They make the bookmarks bar easier to organize. With Chrookmarks you can organize it alphabetically and chronologically in ascending and in descending order. You do not have to do your bookmarking in the Speed dial. You can have a more traditional bookmarking exoerience. To use a chrome extension from the Chrome store, all you need is the Opera extension, "Download Chrome Extension."

  • I use a lot of browsers but am presently using Opera Next as primary. I got sick of updating and saving, copying, syncing and messing up my bookmarks. I established my current bookmarks (about 200) in Draggo and bookmarked that as bookmarks on the bookmark tab. It's the same with all other browsers I use. I switch off bookmarks in all browsers and have 1 set that can be updated, used and integrates with all devices and browsers. Draggo ( ) - I like it now, Speed dial - stash - bookmarks - evernote - keep | everything sorted, synced and running locally whilst keeping security at a max.

  • Where / How can we contact Opera developers?

    We recently upgraded computers in our office - Old computers still have Opera 12.17 - New computers have Opera 21.0 - Big change. Big Shock. Big loss of productivity without a lotof features once in Opera 12.17 -

    We'd just like to compile a list of features lost from v12.17 in hopes development will reconsider and add them back.

    Thank you.

  • Compile a list of the feature that you used and want -- not a list in the abstract. Then you need to see if the features can be approximated via extension, by looking at what's available in the Opera add-on store, and Chrome web store for extensions. In doing that, you may discuss things via extension that help the Office, and were not available in Opera 12.17. Only when you are certain that you cannot replicate a feature that you need, or work around it can you productively address the developers (of Opera, or better yet, of extensions) with your real needs. The list of extensions grow when developers understand what the real need it. Some of what you want may not at all need to be added to the basic browser. Best of luck to you, convergencecos.

  • @convergencecos, If you are happy to go back to using Opera 12.17 on your new machines, because of the loss of functionality that the new version of Opera seems to have for your needs, you can find the older version from the official link below. Assuming you are using Windows.

  • For what it's worth, I don't like the bookmarks system either.
    I wish it was simplified and I could have a file for recipes, for grandkids, for gardening, for political, games, etc., and then had a choice/option when I book mark which file I want to send a book mark to.
    I have hundreds of bookmarks and it's always a hassle to find a particular one. I find the pages I want by the picture icon easier than reading them.
    I really wish bookmarks would give me an easy option to send particular pages to particular files based on subject/content.
    I do like speed dial but now it's getting crowded.

  • I use bookmark manager extension Neater Bookmarks,
    and with it whenever I make a bookmark, it essentially asks me to set up the folder I want to put it in (via an easy option). It has a drop down menu with all the folders I have with bookmarks, and I just click where I want to put the new bookmark.

  • @tentamak

    You can have what you want. But you need to make some general folders in subject areas that work for you. You right click on an empty space at the end of the personal bookmarks bar, and choose "add folder." Now in creating the folder, you can name it. You can have a folder, called, "grandkids." Then make another one called "gardening." Make another called "politics." Make a fourth one for "games." I'm just using these as examples. You can name them as you want. Now these folders you have just created are sitting on your personal bookmarks bar empty. Now drag your bookmarks in each of the subject areas to these folders. All the bookmarks you have relating to grandkids, you drag with the mouse to the "grandkids" folder. If you do that with all the folders, pretty soon, you are organized.

    Once you have the folders, that extension, Neater Bookmarks (that I mentioned in my last post) can help a bit, when you create new bookmarks, because it will present a list of all of your folders -- the ones you have created -- and all you have to do is put the new bookmark you just took in the folder that you want. It's not essential though. I took a closer look at your last post, and I think you haven't been creating folders in subject areas, and it's easy enough to do. It's also essential or one gets overwhelmed by too many bookmarks. 🙂