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I Officially Quit Using Opera Today

  • scottmccarthy945

    Do you have a link to some of the webpages that causes Opera to crash?

    I also have some problem with Opera v. 34 freezing. In my case I think there is a flash or memory problem. My new Asus laptop freezes very often but for my 4 years old Acer desktop it does not happend that often.

  • RAM? Opera doesn't work well in < 2 GB.

  • Both my computers have 6 Gb RAM, and run Windows 10 latest build.

    When I say flash or memory problem it's just a guess by me. The reason is because the problem with Opera freezing occures most often on internet pages with a lot of commercials/ads or pictures.

    It could also be that Windows 10 and Opera browser don't work quite well together.

  • scottmccarthy945, that is a real shame.

    I am an IT support professional and have been using Opera since the late 1990's. There was a time when I moved to Firefox, however I have now come back to Opera as my browser of choice. Along with LastPass and DuckDuckGo it is a winner for me.

    In my experience, web site designers will tell you that it is IE that is the problem browser to code for because historically it does not adhere to standards.

    If your mind is made up, please do come back to Opera every so often and try again.

    May I also please recommend to everyone out there 'HostsMan', a sure fire way to reduce being advertised to and spied upon, this also speeds up browsing.

  • Let me rephrase because I think I made an error in my message. I have been using Opera as my primary browser for about a year. Prior, I was using it as my main browser but would use IE or Firefox for work or banking sites or programming firewalls, etc that I could not risk a problem with. I switched over to Opera full time as my primary browser for everything about a year ago. I have been using Opera consistently for years - probably over 6 years now. So it has been more than a year.

    In terms of the sites, these are a few examples from the top of my head: - crashes all the time - doesnt work - don't support Opera - can't login due to a programming incompatibility - crashes iphone browser constantly - can't send feedback form due to capcha code not appearing
    multiple big bear cabin rental sites - incompatible with browser - forms dont load properly - doesn't work consistently with my school website - incompatible - college textbooks don't load properly and search doesn't work consistently
    Elite 3E - Accounting system interface doesn't work properly with Silverlight plug in. Website reports that Opera doesn't properly support the site. I use this website constantly.
    Firewall Site - Doesn't always work properly and text search within the web pages doesn't work properly.
    Netgear NAS Admin sites - Doesn't always load or login properly. Will sit and hang for 30+ seconds and sometimes works and sometimes doesn't

    Again, I think Opera is a great browser and has a great look and feel but until these incompatibilities, freezing and problems are addressed, it just gets too much of a headache to have to jump to another browser every time you hit multiple problems a day. For example, when I spend 10 minutes filling out a feedback form and realize the capcha code doesn't show, then I have to cut and paste everything over to Firefox and re-submit. It's a pain.

    I have already seen the smart ass responses about my 1 year statement and I am sure there will more. I know people get emotional and feel like Opera is being attacked but successful products listen to their customers and deliver what they are asking. I think Opera has tremendous potential to move past the few percentage points it has for its user base if it could get past compatibility problems.

    Otherwise, you can end up like Blackberry and attack anyone who has a negative comment and completely tune out the problems and then realize years later you have no more customers and you are trying to figure out how to survive the onslaught of products that actually listened to people.


  • Website reports that Opera doesn't properly support the site.

    Most of the time that is crap. 'Supporting' a browser is a hassle so they pick 2 or 3 of the top web browsers, make the site work with them, and then flag everything else without testing it. does the same thing and I've never had a single problem with the site in Opera.

  • I'm using Firefox more and more lately.

    Opera 34 crashes on ALL of my Windows 10 computers. It's fine with an outdated version of 10 (build 10240) but if the OS is up to date it's random crashes all over the net. No other browsers do this on these computers.

  • This is weird, because the only time Opera crashes for me is when I have like 100+ pages open without closing them, then the system runs out of memory.

    Other than that, I haven't seen Opera crashing just by itself, or from visiting any specific site.

    For compatibility problems - yeah, these do exist.
    Firefox has an addon with the ability to load certain pages using IE, not sure if there is anything like that for Chrome/Opera.

  • So why quit Opera if the crash trigger is system RAM-related and not Opera browser-related? Get all the extra RAM you can for the system by borrowing from unused hard drive space or removable drive space.

  • Get all the extra RAM you can for the system by borrowing from unused hard drive space or removable drive space.

    That is not how that works.

  • scottmccarthy945

    Out of interest, the PC with Opera on, is that a PC that has been upgraded to Win10 from say Win7 or Win8?

  • A couple responses to the discussion above. First, I have Opera on multiple computers - some with Windows 10 and others with Windows 7 and 8. Opera runs the worst on the Windows 10 machines so I am guessing there are still some code issues they need to sort out. Someone else made a comment about having issues on Windows 10 and I see most of the issues there.

    The crashing is not my biggest issue as I know the crashing and compatibility issues will get solved. My biggest issue is compatibility because it is such a waist of time working on a site only to realize the submit button won't submit your form and you have to re-type the entire thing in Firefox or IE.

    I am not sure what the solution is to the compatibility issues but this has plagued Opera for years now. Their compatibility used to be awful and to their credit, it has greatly improved. I know most sites are not going to bother making them Opera compatible since it has such a small market share but maybe they could setup a team and offer to test and certify sites for free as incentive for developers to make the sites compatible. Maybe the team could help point out issues and direct people how to make the sites compatible.

    I know it's a great browser - I just wish the compatibility issues would be resolved.

  • Running Opera on Windows 10 here without any issues whatsoever. You must have other problems going on to be experiencing problems such as you're relating.

  • Could someone from Opera developer team confirm that they know about this problem with Opera freezing in Windows 10?

  • Could someone from Opera developer team confirm that they know about this problem with Opera freezing in Windows 10?

    Opera developers usually don't come here often.

    There ate some reports about freezes and crashes so i guess they know about it.

  • I know most sites are not going to bother making them Opera compatible since it has such a small market share but maybe they could setup a team and offer to test and certify sites for free as incentive for developers to make the sites compatible. Maybe the team could help point out issues and direct people how to make the sites compatible.

    Testing a browser isn't the issue. It's rummaging around in the code, trying to spot and correct problems whilst making sure you don't end up breaking something in another browser that's the main issue. Unfortunately, a lot of developers clearly see no gain in investing the time in Opera as it isn't one of the big four browsers. They get around this (as @lando242 says in his post) by adding a message telling you your browser is incompatible.

    Also, just so you know, I mainly use Opera on a Mac laptop running OSX 10.9.5 and have never had the browser crash. Could this be a Windows issue? As for iPad, that's a different story as it crashes all the time when I use (or used to use) it.

  • Its funny, some people have nothing but issues with Opera and Windows 10 and some people have none. I have none. Its my primary browser, I leave it running for days at a time, it comes back from multiple sleep/hibernation cycles, and I currently have 8 windows and 55 tabs open. Couple three times a week I read a bunch of webcomics which means I open about 100-150 tabs at a time and cycle through 468 tabs every quickly (so says my webcomics folder). Opera chugs right alone without an issue. I have 7 extensions activated and, outside of making Flash click to play because of annoying autoplay videos and ads with sound, I haven't done much else to it.

  • From what I've picked up on various other forums, many of the Win10-related 'application' problems seem to occur on systems that were upgraded from Win7 or Win8.1 - especially those on older hardware. In many of those cases, the problems cleared after a clean install of Win10 and reinstallation of everything else. In other cases, the problems cleared with the installation of alternate drivers (sometimes a hardware maker's latest, sometimes the MS-recommended versions), in particular video/GPU drivers. I realize a fresh, clean install of an OS is not for the timid, but a massive OS upgrade of an existing OS containing all kinds of hooks and customizations is a path begging for problems, and many are experiencing it. Just something to keep in mind..

  • My system is an upgrade of 8.1.

  • Your story is pretty interesting, thanks a bunch. I have been using Opera for a long time, also, perhaps more than 6 years (since version 8, when they made it free) and I hanged to Opera 12 for a while until I found Opera 24 or something was as good as 12. I still use Opera Mail.

    My story is very different: I have three laptops only, no smartphone, one of them a very light Windows 7 Home computer (I have no idea what processor it has, but it was dirt cheap), a very potent Windows 7, rather old laptop with an i7 and NVidia, and I received at work a couple of weeks ago a Windows 10 ASUS, also an i7 with Nvidia with a fresh OS installation.

    In all those systems I have had no freeze or compatibility problems. The little laptop I mentioned is the one that surprises me more: with a very light RAM and a very poor processor, Opera shines over Firefox or Chrome, specially if you install in those browsers the equivalents of all the bells and whistles Opera has accustomed me to.

    I checked some of the pages you mention (most I haven't heard about) and I found no problems, probably because I just browsed them quickly without delving into them. I'm curious and probably will check again in depth, because I still have to find a page with lack of compatibility since I moved up from Opera 12. I imagined that the lack of compatibility problems happened because now Opera has the same engine as Chrome, so your story is quite a surprise to me.

    I conccur with you on one thing: I also think that the communication between users and developers is very limited and that's an issue that perhaps could be solved in other way, maybe by including some kind of reporting system that is readily visible and solves problems for people in your situation.

    Frankly, Opera has always been a time saver for me instead of the pit of despair any software becomes when it takes your time away.

    Opera has been, to me, a quick and rock solid way to browse the Internet. I wonder if I'm lucky or perhaps I don't use the browser so intensively as you, although I'm a developer for a GIS leader internation company. This means I routinely extract till the last drop of graphic capabilities the browser has.

    I program in JavaScript and Python and I have to use all the console tricks there are. I also have to create maps that use RAM in a huge way, with tons of objects and pretty heavy interaction with users.

    However, I work as a Solutions Engineer, which means I have to diagnose the situation of potential buyers of the GIS we sell at our company. This had make me aware of, when you want to earn market share, how important is to take care of customers listening to them and reacting quickly to issues that become viral, like the ones mentioned in this thread (i.e. lack of compatibility in Win7/10 updates). This has to be dealt off quickly.

    My experience about time wasted in Opera is very different: I'm used to other fellow workers watching occasionally how I use Opera and 5 out of 10 times the question is always the same: "how do you do that?".

    I also wanted to comment that, although Opera is not that relevant in market share of PCs, that situation is not entirely true in smartphones, AFAIK, as it has half the users of Android Browser and way more than Firefox or IE (and the future is in that market, apparently).

    So, I guess in life "everything is of the colour of the crystal you use to look at it", as Calderón de la Barca said.

    I wonder what browser you will be using from now on. Could you tell us and, perhaps, in a few days comment about site compatibility? As they say, nobody (and no browser) is perfect.

    Another question I have: have you experienced the same problems in Opera Mini as in Opera for PC?

    Thanks in advance for any comments about Mini: I'm planning on buying a smartphone next week, after years of not needing one.