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Opera Mini 14 beta 2 for Android

  • Opera Mini developers are careless about the downloading speed & downloading system of Opera Mini. For Web Browsing still Opera Mini is the best of all but when it comes for file downloading Opera Mini is the worst of all.

  • @dwa .....1)who r u telling me to go out u keep quit. ....if opera team said then I will go....

    first u r not software developer
    first u learn to write which words are used or which words r not used....first u learn then open forum.......
    2) I don't want ur ans....
    3) I want ans from opera tech team BEC they r in sleeping u keep quite. ..

  • who r u telling me to go out

    Just someone doing exactly the same you did to him.

    I don't want ur ans

    This is an users'forum and as long as the forum rules are followed, anyone can answer anyone's posts. so if you don't want answers from someone then just don't read them.

    I want ans from opera tech team

    You have very low chances of getting one.

    Anyway. you both go discuss the relationship somewhere else and leave the forums for discussions about Opera.

  • @leocg so you also a mere user ? for that I can safely quote this to you :

    I don't want ans from u bro...I want ans from tech team is for taking user requirements. ..They do their work.....don't interfere......

    how does it feel ?

  • @leocg so you also a mere user ?

    I don't work for Opera so i guess it's correct to say that i am an user from this point of view.

    On the other hand, i"m also a moderator on these forums.

  • how does it feel ?

    From my point of view as an user, it would make me think that the person doesn't want to be helped but just rant.

  • do anybody uses//likes high savings
    mode browsing... is it good enough like opera turbo.??

  • High mode in Opera Mini uses Turbo in fact:)

  • so if I want to use opera browser with turbo then it's same as that of opera mini.... so I don't need to go for a 30 mb size of opera browser???

  • Both Opera Mini and Opera for Android use Turbo, but Opera Mini uses Android's internal WebView component, while Opera for Android has it's own version of Blink or WebKit (I'm not sure which one). Apart from that they may have some different features and look.

  • In Opera Mini 14 (latest stable version) "Video Boost" option is Disappeared in High Saving Mode.
    But Now we want Opera Mini 15 beta 1 with a Extreme type of File Downloading Improvements with a powerful in built Download Manager.

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