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  • Hello.

    Of course the first thing you want to do when you get Opera is to import your bookmarks.
    So you go to the page with instructions for that, and the first thing that it says is to hit "Settings".

    If there is anything on this Opera that says "Settings", it is very cleverly hidden. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it.

    Can someone please reveal this elusive "settings" to me, or perhaps give me more correct importing instructions if the ones I'm looking at are obsolete?

    Thank you kindly.

  • If I'm not mistaken, since Opera 15+ are based off Chrome, there should be a menu button in the upper left-hand corner. Check there.

  • The settings is where jito463 said, but that's not where you import your bookmarks.

    If you installed Opera 20 after Opera 12 then your profile should have been imported already, along with your bookmarks.

    On the menu, select More Tools, Bookmarks Importer, and while you're there enable the Developer Tools so that you can fix plugins later if needed.

    The Bookmark Importer can now be used to import your bookmarks to the Bookmarks Bar, one folder at a time, or to import sessions as folders in the speed dial, or you can import bookmarks to the speed dial.

  • My "About" says that I have Version 12.16. I don't have any of the things that you are talking about.

    Should I have Version 20? Is there a reason to? I have Chrome and Firefox and even IE. I liked Chrome for a while but it ignores my attempts to make settings and of course Google is getting a little scary.

  • @mightymelven

    I don't know where you read about Settings, but that applies to Opera 20. The new Opera is based on the Chrome rendering engine, and it can import Chrome bookmarks, but it requires knowing which file to copy from where to where.

    You're better off staying with Opera 12.16, where it's easy to import bookmarks from other browsers.

    From the File menu, Import/Export, and import from an HTML file exported from your other browser.

  • My bad, for some reason I thought you were posting about importing Opera 12 into ChrOpera. Pesala already posted the correct path to import bookmarks for your version.

  • Oh!
    Well, son of a gun, there it is.

    Thank you !!

  • Of course, just to prove that computers hate people, they imported with the list inverted, so my most-used links are on the bottom.....

  • ....behind another link, no less...

  • Don't bother, Melvin. The new Opera is intended to be downloaded and installed, not to be actually used, at least not yet!