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Opera crashes after new Windows 10 update (Threshold 2)

  • I was going to open a new discussion then saw your title.

    Opera crashes when;

    • I switch back to opera from another app that is used for 2-3 minutes.
    • Waking up windows from sleep mode while opera is already opened.
    • I am using a popup window like online banking, internet radio etc.

    Occurred after installing the last update of windows; i dont know whether it's related to.

    Opera 33.0.1990.115
    Microsoft Windows 10 Education
    Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586

  • @handful1907 What error message is displayed in the event viewer when this happens?

  • @lando242 here is a screenshot

  • So today I got my new GP... installed all the latest drivers, it was all fine. Then I was reading reddit and again it happened.

    Here is screenshot of crash:

    (don't bother with my bookmarks and other things) xDD

  • Damn, now my computer is back with the problem causing Opera v.33 to freeze or hang on Windows 10, build 10586. It is exactly the same problem I had with Opera 11 or 12.

    I don't know if the problem is Opera or Windows 10 related. I did not have this problem on Opera v.32 on Windows 10, build 10240.

    Is it possible to download Opera v.32 without Opera forcing me to download v.33 automaticly?

    And where can I find v.32 of Opera browser?

  • I think it is Windows 10 related. They even pulled November update, because there are lot of bugs. Saw it somewhere in news few hours ago.

    Everything worked fine till that TH2 update.

    Here you go for 32version and for forced update there should be some tweak to stop.

  • I too am experiencing lots of crashes since latest Windows 10 "big" update. It'w quite annoying and it happens with both beta and stable version, it too happens with that 32 version from above... i've tried disabling hardware acceleration and it doesn't crash, but pages "freeze" and you can't enter any link nor click anywhere.

    I would say this happens in pages with animated gifs.

  • I am having the same issue as well, it would show not responding especially when more than one page is ruining some media on flash player. My graphics driver and flash player are up-to date, the frequent crash started just after the windows 10 update version 1511. I did a clean installation with the latest drivers but the problem still persists.

  • Windows 10, build 10586 was updated yesterday on my computer, and since then I haven't had any crash or problems with Opera 33 freezing every now and then.

    Anyone else who have updated Windows 10, latest build, that have experienced the same thing?

  • Yeah, it seems that latest cumulative update solved the problem. Finally. 😃

  • The problem happens with 10586, read all the thread please.

  • The same problem here. After installation of w10 threshold 2 opera crashes. Disabling hardware acceleration helps. Opera is the only program that have problems on my system. Other applications or games are working ok.

  • Install latest windows updates and it will fix the crash.

    Mine is working 4 days in row without any crashes so far but only after I installed latest update.

  • My system is allways updated. Newest drivers, programs etc. Opera still crashing with hardware acceleration turned on.

  • If could be a problem with your video card. Is it a built in card? Like those turds Intel likes to pass off as video cards these days? What error message do you get in your Event Viewer?

  • GTX980 Ti here 🙂
    But i think I found the culprit. A tab sorting extension - after disabling it opera stopped to crash and works smoothly now.
    That's why I miss old opera. It had everything that was needed. Now you need to install extensions for thoese missing options/components and sometimes those extensions brake things...

  • Nothing.

  • Crashing for me too. I don't have the tab sorting extension mentioned above and I think it coincided with the last Windows 10 update. Please fix this.

  • Crashing for me too. I don't have the tab sorting extension mentioned above and I think it coincided with the last Windows 10 update. Please fix this.

    Given that Win10 updates keep falling off the turnip cart about once a week lately, it might help to specify an update date and/or KB numbers rather than the general term "last Windows 10 update", going forward. There have been at least two other update rounds since the big batch of Win10 updates that perhaps triggered the OP's problems.

  • I have the same problem with my Opera 33.0.1990.115 after ny system'h been updated to TH2 (Win10 x64).
    Last time Opera has hanged when even no video file was in playback state and there were no video files on opened tab (but were some files on other tabs).

    According to Event Vew (sorry for Russian):

    Контейнер ошибки 107758189823, тип 1
    Имя события: APPCRASH
    Отклик: Нет данных
    Идентификатор CAB: 0
    Сигнатура проблемы:
    P1: opera.exe
    P2: 33.0.1990.115
    P3: 5649994e
    P4: StackHash_40c9
    P5: 10.0.10586.0
    P6: 5632d9fc
    P7: c0000374
    P8: PCH_92_FROM_ntdll+0x0007725C

    I've also installed some updates (Yes, only two updates after I've installed Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586])

    Security Update               KB3103688                                   
    Update                        KB3120677  

    I have two video adapters:
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (ver.
    NVidea GeForce GT650M (ver.

    I can also attach .dmp files (with and without heap, but don't know how to do it on this forum).

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