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Opera Mini 13 beta 1 for Android

  • Hi,

    It’s time for a new beta. We are delighted to let you try out Opera 13 beta. In this version, we've added Opera's signature red color to the address bar and search categories are available directly on the start page.

    Also, there's some good news for those of you who download files. We have added more options in the settings and made some under-the-hood improvements. More changes will come in future versions, as well.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our beta testing. Please leave any feedback you have for us in the comments.

    You can get the Opera Mini for Android beta here:

    Miyuki - Opera Mini for Android team

  • Please fix Download Resume feature. If any download failed anyhow most of the times Opera Mini can't able to resume. Also add multi thread connection to accelerate the downloading speed. & Thanks, for the new beta update.

  • No feeds support?

  • @rhmini, we checked the resume issue, but could not reproduce the problem. Any specific file, size, etc?

    @sagrid, please see We still support Feeds.

  • Not sure about file types but I faced resume problem of any kind of file size. No matter it was small files, no matter it was large files. But the problem remains. And also can't upload any facebook photos from phones gallery only in High Saving mode. Always Opera Mini takes me to the camera app but I've to upload photos from my gallery. And without these problem I'm loving to browse any website using Opera Mini.

  • @rhmini, we checked the resume issue, but could not reproduce the problem. Any specific file, size, etc?
    @sagrid, please see We still support Feeds.

    Right, I will check that.

  • Can't download any files from website only in High Saving mode. Though I've filed a bug report to Opera & the bug is confirmed by the Opera Quality QA team. but still the bug not fixed. & the Bug report ID was : ANMEXT-9448

  • "Client doesn't support feeds." checking feed://list or feed://start with high/extreme savings mode.

  • @sagrid, you need to enable "Feeds" in Data savings, otherwise you get that error.

  • @rhmini, ANMEXT-9448 is in progress.

  • Another problem is in the search bar. Can't able to write anything in Bengali language font (From any Phonetic Keyboard layout) While writing in Bengali Opera Mini shows it as English. Hope that Opera will fix this. Also can't delete default search website (such as google, wikipedia) Bring as like old opera mini's feature in the search bar. So, that we can manage our searching stuff as like us.

  • Still not possible to sort saved pages.
    Still no button "images out" in high mode .

    Please add those features!

    Sometimes when clicking a link in extreme mode , the actual site loads again and again until i delete the cookies.

  • 我只希望你们可以加一个左右划屏,然后刷新虽然很炫但是没什么大用,刷新完全可以放在原来mini7类似的中央,还有一点的不省流量的,,,整体而言体验还是超赞的。

  • 尽管我会一点点英语,但我感觉还是国语反馈更好,希望可以采纳!

  • Still no fix for Facebook notification, On my device it's not push the notification, please help me, I need the notification, If not just remove it from opera... Please lah, everytime I post here no Opera Team wanna hear me, or just think I'm dumb... even on twitter, never reply my twit...

  • Please bring back Bookmarks & Saved Pages saving feature by alphabetically. Because people like me who has too many bookmarks & saved pages are suffer from it. Also add saved pages backup feature.

  • i got back to opera mini 7.6.4 not long ago.
    7.6.4 is still very good.
    The only shortcoming is that the file's saving name couldn't be modified.

    i still keep a copy of beta 13 on my android though i use 7.6.4 more often.

  • fix facebook notification, it's bad really..

  • @benyamin90 We're looking into the Facebook notification issue, thanks for reporting it.

    @williamwclee what is it in Mini 7.6.4 that makes you use that instead of the latest Mini? What do we need to do for you to start using Mini 13 instead of Mini 7.6.4?

  • @barsk

    7.6.4 seems going better with chinese double-byte characters.

    from the jpg, you will notice that the right margin of beta 13 is not good so that there are broken characters. Besides, the alignment of the page is not that good-looking as 7.6.4 gives.

    my mobile is quite old (milestone 3) with android 2.3

    some pages run more smooth on my android with 7.6.4.

    for instance,


  • Actually previous old Opera Mini has better in some ways than new Opera Mini. In the old version text copying system was good enough but in new version its complicated. Also in old version there has separate search bar & we can manage the search bar as our choice & also in the old version in the search bar can able to write Bengali language from any phonetic bangla keyboard. Also previous has the feature that can save bookmarks & saved pages by Alphabetically. But in the new version we are unable to do those stuffs. But Hope that Opera Mini team will bring those features. Because now a days Opera bring more & more updates.

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