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Opera Mini 12 for Android

  • Where the ability to share bookmarks? Share, not sync?

  • @kiriak93s, unfortunately we discontinued with the bookmarks share feature. This is also the same in other Opera browser products.

  • why opera mini is still not capable of exporting its bookmark to a normal html file?

  • why opera mini is still not capable of exporting its bookmark to a normal html file?

    Because no Opera is capable of it.

  • Hi, there is a problem that, Can't able to download anything from a online storage website ( in Extreme saving mode. Always I goto a link opera mini can't show the download button but it's full ok in High saving mode. Would you take a view of this? And fix it.

  • @rhmini can you provide a link that doesn't work for you? I tried and I get a download button, and when I press it the file gets downloaded just fine in extreme savings mode.

  • @barsk I think you tried it without "Single Column View" in Extreme saving mode. If I browse with single column view then the download button disappear. But it works after uncheck 'Single Column View'. Fix this please.

  • @rhmini When using single column view I can see this problem as well. We're looking into the issue.

  • Hi, I have suggestions

    1. Night Mode is too dark. Even on max settings.(Xperia E C1505).
      1. Search engine is allways Google.
      1. Blue color. Option for set color will be nice.
  • I have a problem, I can't download anything from mediafire in Extreme mode. High mode also. Though a user "rhmini" posted here for only high mode problem but now this problem Extreme mode also.

  • You provided a new update for standard Opera Mini but you didn't remove the old previous version. So i can't have two same apps ,,Opera Mini " on my phone because i can't uninstall old version to install new Opera Mini 12 so please remove one of them or make a NEW UPDATE TO BYPASS OLD VERSION.

  • Still Opera Mini needs to improve the downloading system.

  • Hi,
    Have a problem: since the last update, opera mini often crashes when I open webpages. ;_;
    Simply the app closes. Even opening this forum.
    I have sony Xperia T with Android 4.3.
    Hope you cam help me. :idea:
    THanks, Antonella.

  • What on earth is this? No word wrap, no setting for font size, hangs, crashes. How do I get the one that was before the last update? Word Wrap is the only reason I use any Opera products. I am going to disable the updates on my phone before you'll ruin Opera for Android also. LG Spirit 4G Android 5.0.

  • best browser ever!
    please give full screen edition. this will help a lot when i write long comment on Facebook. please lock exit visa back button.
    why i can't contract to polish office?
    hope reply.

  • почему постоянная окошко о "расчете данных шрифта"? Не возможно пользоваться как только пройдет , через некоторое время минуты через 3 по новой !

  • Terrific...
    I wrote a long explanation of my issues, after not coming here for a long time & being pretty lost about a couple things....and I hit send or whatever it says & bam, my post is gone & does not show here. Same ol crap as before...

  • Great... Now it works after it lost my whole comments about the problems I have...

  • Allright... I keep getting msg's about how opera link thing is going away. I find the msg & this forum very confusing. All I have is this phone, nothing else. I want to keep my bookmarks, saved pages, speedials, downloads, etc. Do I need to do anything to keep them or am I all set the way I am? What about backups of these things? Also, I have mini 7.6 something. I remember getting a msg about mini 8 but I refrained because the reviews didn't sound too good at the time. Now I come here & see its up to 12. Holy shit, how'd that happen. I have android phone htc desire 816. It has 4.4. I didn't upgrade to 5.0 again because it sounded like it might cause me problems. Should I update to mini 12 or what?

    Thanx in advance for a good English comprehensible reply.

  • Hi, can you please add menu button to navigation bar? I must always scroll to view bars and i don't like it. At least in landscape mode it can be great.
    Thank for best phone and tablet browser, i have used it at my old java app phone and now i use it on droid.

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