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Opera 12.16 help: Uses all of the physical memory and won't open

  • Yesterday, opera was working fine. But, after a restart of my computer, it won't open. When I opened task manager, I watched it take up more and more physical memory until it hit 99%. It dropped back down, but slowly kept coming back up. I killed the process at this point. I restarted again, but Opera repeats the same process.

    Any fixes?

  • It looks like you may have a rouge tab that was saved in the session you last used before restarting your computer. It could be something like a tab containing flash video or badly written javascript etc.

    You could delete the '' (saved session) file by doing a search for it via Windows, but bearing in mind, you will loose all your opened tabs that were saved since you last used Opera. But nothing else will be lost, all bookmarks, history, speed dials etc will be safe.

  • Do you know where the file would be? Windows isn't turning up any file called anywhere.

    Edit: I find an and .win.bak. moving those elsewhere did not fix the problem.

  • Try deleting the file in the *\sessions subfolder, as well as the vlink4.dat file in the folder that is the immediate parent to the \sessions folder. Then try starting Opera and check its memory usage.

    If that doesn't work, try opening Opera from the run/command line using: opera nowin This should (hopefully) open Opera to a blank page, and then if that works, clear Opera's cache: Ctrl+F12 > Advanced > History > at the Disk cache entry, click the "Empty Now" button > OK. Try starting opera and check its memory usage.

    If that doesn't succeed, locate Opera's operaprefs.ini file in the same folder as the vlink4.dat file was in, and change its name to something like Try starting Opera, and if it does start, it will auto-recreate a fresh new operaprefs.ini file with all default settings (which means any custom settings will need to be manually re-established). Sometimes this file gets corrupted, especially if Opera is running when the computer unexpectedly powers down.

    Note: any time you rename or externally delete an Opera file, be sure Opera is turned off while you do it.

  • Awesome! Your first option worked. I deleted the and the vlink4 and it opened up just fine. And it's using a normal amount of memory. Thanks blackbird!

  • You're welcome... glad it worked out for you!

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