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Two alternative browsers that will continue support for NPAPI plugins

  • This isn't SPAM, please read: 🙂

    Hey there. I'm Opera user, well to be exact, I test all sorts of browsers. I do this because I'm trying to find the perfect browser, but as you know, there is no such thing (Opera and Pale Moon are my favorites).

    Anyways I'll get to the point.

    So, I've actually known about this transition (removal of NPAPI plugins) that Opera will soon make for about a good year and so I have been planning for this as I use plugins in my work environment. Now what I have found are two browsers that will continue support for the NPAPI plugins, they are Slimjet (based-off Chromium v44 that integrates an adblcoker, social media buttons, turbocharged download manager all with improved security/privacy settings) and Pale Moon (an Open Source web browser forked-off from the Firefox/Mozilla code without the Australis design). I've have personally used these and so I can vouch for their authenticity, especially for Pale Moon as I've interactive with their users and I do quite a bit of helping on their forums. And Slimjet I've read a couple threads of their forums and it states from a user, "SJ is currently on v44 and will stay on v44 until the devs have got everything working and ready for a newer version..... the devs are trying to keep NPAPI plugins (i.e. bypassing the Chrome restriction).......," and so I'm pretty sure they'll work it out.

    Alright, this about raps it's up. Now please don't take this as spam or anything else, I'm just a user that wishes to help out other fellow users that are in the same boat I'm in.

  • -P.S. I was recommending these two browsers to be used in conjunction of Opera so you are able to view certain content that your work environment calls for. I also want to note that they both have a portable version available for use.