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Unable to download files

  • Have you tried going into the app permissions? When I first got Android 6.0 Opera would not download files. I went into its app permissions (under apps) and turned on "Storage" and it's worked fine ever since.

    For some reason Opera never asks for permission to access Storage, but turning it on this way will allow downloads to work.

  • Hey,
    Huh, not even with the latest Opera 33? If you are saving to external storage or sdcard we are still working on that, but if you are <font color=gray>saving</font> to the internal storage it should work with the latest Opera from Google Play.

    Download works fine on Wifi network. But there is no response when clicking the download link in Cellur network. Any one has some clue on that?

  • Ah, enabling the storage permission did the trick! Thanks, guys... Great to have Opera back again!

  • Maybe you can use my trick...
    Just delete cookies and write on opera addres bar (server:reset)

    this trick work for me, maybe you can trying.

  • the strangest thing about not being able to select folders on external SDcard for downloads is that for uploads of local files on the external SDcard there's no problem. because the documents dialogue is brought up you can select a file using in built or 3rd party means and opera will upload that file without any issues.

    embarrassing !

  • with marshmallow's permissions opera for Android is intended to be able to write to external SDcard. I have all permissions granted in settings/apps and independent of writing to the external SDcard I can type file://localhost/storage/ into the address bar and read any folder on my external SD so it looks like it's an opera side issue in not being properly updated for marshmallow as google has seen the error of it's ways since kitkat.

  • There's an issue with download manager. Description: 1. download some file from internet (e.g. some picture from google) 2. download manager notifies you about successful downloading (default folder "Download") 3. minimize Opera beta app, use some file manager to find this file (picture) and erase it 4. open Opera beta from background and save the same file (picture) again 5. download manager notifies you that this file already exists and ask you to rewrite it 6. click on OK and manager notifies you about successful downloading, but here it comes 7. open download folder using file manager - there is not downloaded any file (picture) despite download manager said something else

    To solve this problem, you have to manually delet this file (or just log about its downloading) from download managet to be possible download it second time again for real. And why is it problem? Because: 1. manytimes you have to download same file(s) again even erased ones 2. there're lots of files over internet and many times I stumbled on files with same names but with different content

  • I can not access this website on your phone browser opera on my android:

  • I can not access this website on your phone browser opera on my android:

    It seems unrelated to this topic subject.

    Please start a new topic to discuss this issue.

  • I can confirm that Opera has no write access to SD card with Marshmallow. The only folder I can access is a manually created folder Android/data/com.opera.browser on SD card.

  • I still cannot get Opera write access to SD card with Marshmallow.

  • Any updates on this? I can't save to anywhere on my external SD card when I try downloading things with Opera.

  • Many thanks to your advice, thehyecircus!

    After month of not being able to fix this and using all the time Chrome to download anything, today I found your solution, went into the the app permissions, turned on "Storage" and downloads are working finally like a charm from within Opera.

    You made my day!
    Thanks again!

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