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Opera Mini 12 beta 2 for Android

  • Please insert the button "Images out" also in High mode. It would save more data usage.

  • Is there really any data saving in "High mode "?

    Cause on my connection (Asus fonepad 7) is displayed the full data traffic without any saving, when using "High mode ".

    But in "Extreme mode" it's displayed the value with data saving, like it's displayed in opera's menu bar.

  • This is a bit off topic but I really need help. I deleted an extension(TrafficLight Bitdefender) and decided to add it back. Problem is now I can't find it in the Opera app store at all. Has it been removed from Opera? I'd really like to add it back.

  • High Saving Mode has too many bugs. Needs to upgrade the mode

  • We just released an update to Opera Mini beta. You will see our new red&white icon in this version.

  • That icon looks awesome.... let's keep it.

    Font in the start page are back too normal... still testing... Am sure to love it

  • What the Hell ??? Only a update only for a new icon. What about bug fixes & add new features. Opera Mini is a totally boring shit

  • It's not a must they write bug fixes for you to know they fixed a few bugs.

  • I think opera takes lot of time when opening u check that....
    and slow in browsing compared to u improve speed . ...and u don't change logo frequently....Red is good ...

  • Opera is too much slower than UC Browser both in Downloading & Browsing speed. UC has a better webpage compression level than Opera

  • @vjgrace, we've made a couple of Marshmallow fixes for high mode in the update we released yesterday. If you haven't already you should try the update, it should work better for you.

    @rhmini, in addition to the icon we've fixed around 30 bugs as well. We can't really introduce features in every beta update we do. If we did that we would never become stable enough to release a final version.

  • Hey, I can't access facebook since yesterday. Opera Mini just shows continues loading. The problem goes on only in Extreme Saving Mode. I checked facebook with another browser & it was ok. Please fix this ASAP

  • The Download Resume feature still not fixed yet & also there is no multi threading downloading system. Please fix download resume feature & add multi thread download system in the next update of opera mini.

  • Hey I faced too much problem in Opera Mini. I'm using both latest stable Opera Mini 11 & Opera Mini 12 beta 2 with new icon. I faced continuously website loading problem & after some time shows "Connection Failed, Unable to Connect" both in High & Extreme Saving Mode. Also I tried to reinstall Opera Mini but startup wasn't successful, Opera Mini stucked at the start point. I faced this problem only on my cellular data (Airtel Bangladesh) connection. But its not problem of my cellular data because I can browse anything but without Opera Mini. But its full ok on other cellular network & other WiFi connection. All other browsers are full OK to browse via Airtel network but Opera Mini didn't worked. Please fix this problem ASAP which only happened via Airtel Bangladesh s network.

  • @rhmini, can you try Opera Mini 12 beta 3 and see if the problem is reproducible?

  • @miyuki yes I tried it with Opera Mini 12 beta 3 (updated some moments ago) but problem still remains. Opera Mini stuck at the start point & the red progress wasn't fulfilled.

  • We released an update to Opera Mini beta. We fixed several crash bugs to stabilize the beta version.

  • After All, Opera Mini works again. Cheers to Opera Mini Team. Now Please fix Download Resume feature & add muti threading download system in the next update of Opera Mini.

  • Oops. I don't know why this problem happens again. Only in Extreme Saving Mode Opera Mini can not able to connect/enter any website. Do continuously loading. But in High Mode Opera Mini can able to browse any website. Maybe its the problem of Opera Mini's proxy server only in Extreme Mode. Please fix & upgrade Opera Mini server.

  • OMG !!! The following problem fixed again. I'm sure thst Opera must be crazy. Now please fix download resume, add multi thread connection for downloading, raise the browsing speed.

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