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News Feed Message all Gone after Improper Shutdown (v12.15 b1748)

  • Hi All,

    I'm looking for help. I'm Opera v12.15 b1748 user. The reason I'm still stick with this version is because of the build in "News Feed" features. Recently I had a improper shutdown of my PC and after restart, I found my "News Feed" message are all gone. I've go through this discussion thread:
    "Opera Feeds gone after launching program with 0 bytes of HDD"

    My problem is slightly different from the one discussed above, my "News Feed" is still there, only the message doesn't show. Refer to the directory: \AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\mail\newsfeed
    all the file seems are correct in size.

    Tried to delete index.ini and omailbase.dat from: \AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\mail\ and hope that Opera will regenerate the setting file but doesn't work. So I suspect there could be something else is missing here.a

    Is anybody here experience such problem before? Appreciate very much for your time for reading this.


  • Hello!
    I use Opera v12.15 b1748.
    I do not like.
    It used to be better, more stable.
    And now, constantly pop up window warning of security.
    Site displays squares and it is not correct.
    I tried to reinstall Opera - does not help.
    Now I learned Google Chrome.
    In the near future, I intend to resign from the Opera and remove it from your computer forever.
    Updated opera, too bad - there is no autonomous Opera Link, all files saved links.
    If you have the answer, forward letters to my e-mail:

  • Hmmm... sad, seems like no support is available for my problems. Perhaps like others here in this forum, I should consider to move to other alternative. It's sad because I've been using Opera v4.0 since year 2000 when it first introduced tab browsing idea and can easily turn on/off image loading for individual tab with a single mouse click. Until today, I haven't seen this feature available on any other web browser out there. And I couldn't upgrade to the new version as well due to the "News Feed" feature. The "News Feed" and "Image On/Off" is the reason I still stay with Opera.

    Please Opera, help me so I can continue to stay with you...

  • You are using a version of Opera that is 3 years old and complaining you don't get support and that you'll move to an alternative because of that? Okay, how about Opera 32 as an alternative? You'll get support for it here on the forums and it is a completely different browser from Opera 12...

  • FWIW, you can add a news-feed/RSS extension to the new Opera versions from

  • @lando242, if you've read my comments in detail you should have know that why I still stick with a 3 years old browser. What I'm asking for is just a "documentation" of how the "News Feed" is being retrieve from.

    @blackbird71, thanks for your kind suggestion. I'll look into it later and see if it's comparable to the one that is built in Opera v12, I remember the last time I tried was not something very similar.