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Please do say which version of Opera you are using whenever you're requesting help!

  • I use Opera 20. I have no issues whatsoever with the latest version and in fact, love it. It's fast. It's compatible with my favorite sites AND it keeps getting even better with each new version. The fact is, Opera is an exciting browser and I highly commend the Opera Dev Team.

    You said it for me.

  • I used mainly Firefox and in additon to Pale Moon for years.
    During the last time both took always longer to start and went slower from update to update.

    Then I tried Opera 19 and found it extremly fast and reacting quick.
    Well, organizing my bookmarks had been a nightmare, as I had many at Firefox.

    Now, all ist settled and I am very satisfied with Opera - it is now the browser I want to use.

  • 12.14 - the latest version made by Presto's team.

  • Another hand goes up for 12.14.

    Regarding putting one's version into their posts, it can be done by simply using a bit of markdown code, though the user does have to remember to add it manually to each post. I'm now using a bit of signature text copied from a text file each time, but I look forward to a "signature" feature to be added to these forums so I don't have to remember each time.

    OS: Win 7-64 SP1 -- Web Browsers: Opera 12.14u, 11.52; Firefox 27; Qupzilla 1.4.2; IE8

  • Opera 20.

  • ahahaha 😃
    @davehawley: Now you got the version without an issue. Isn't that ironic? ^^

    cristoph, I'm sorry, I should have realised that this would happen, but my reason for starting this thread was to ask people to always state which version of Opera they were using when they post here.
    It wasn't supposed to be a thread for people to just say which version they were using!
    I can't amend the thread title, but I assume you can.
    Could you add "when posting here" to the end of it please!
    Thanks. Dave.

  • It's the inherent danger of causing any kind of spark, however unintentionally, within a volatile atmosphere. Right now, "Opera version" is an inherently volatile atmosphere. 😉

    OS: Win 7-64 SP1 -- Web Browsers: Opera 12.14u, 11.52; Firefox 27; Qupzilla 1.4.2; IE8

  • omg o.O

    LOL, now I understand the purpose of this topic.

  • @davehawley: I know. But it looks like I was the only one getting its purpose ^^
    I'd probably have written the same and I second your request.
    I amended the headline, but I don't believe that this is going to change anything ^^

  • I realized it, too, but then I actually took the time to read the OP. Many people just skim (if they read it at all), then jump right in without truly realizing what they're responding to.

    I was tempted to post myself, just because it seemed to become the de facto response to the thread, but I was too lazy to be bothered, heh.

  • Let's all blame @Leushino 😛 (my apologies, James)... that's where it first seemed to go off the rails. Actually, I read the original post and largely understood it but got influenced too by the original title's ambiguity, and by the time I had run down through all the other posts having their own rather different focii, my own thought train was partially derailed. (Though I do claim partial credit for having at least addressed the original thread context in part of my first post).

    Perhaps this can serve as a good model for how a thread unintentionally derails and how a simple title can be taken in two completely different ways...

    OS: Win 7-64 SP1 -- Web Browsers: Opera 12.14u, 11.52; Firefox 27; Qupzilla 1.4.2; IE8

  • LOL!
    Anyway the new amended thread title should make the reason for this thread a bit clearer!
    Thanks cristoph!

  • Since I'm trying to moderate this vast amount of posts I read most of them and I guess that about 50% of people in here only read headlines. Another 30% do read the post and the rest may read one or the other comment if you're lucky.
    If that shouldn't be true, I can't tell how people come up with all that out-of-topic/duplicate comments...

    @davehawley: You're welcome 😉

  • I take it that you can't make threads "sticky" yet?
    Another thing to add to the long and ever growing list of things missing from this forum I'm afraid.

  • No, I don't have access to labels. So I can't turn it into an announcement. Sorry.

  • Since I'm trying to moderate this vast amount of posts I read most of them ...

    Heh. So there were a whole lot of things they didn't tell you when they offered you the job, eh? Thanks greatly for what you're doing, and to the other mods and their efforts as well, both here and in the old My Opera forums. It can be a thankless job at times, but it's truly a necessary one. Now, I'll stop contributing to the OT chatter and back out... but thanks again.

    OS: Win 7-64 SP1 -- Web Browsers: Opera 12.14u, 11.52; Firefox 27; Qupzilla 1.4.2; IE8

  • haha yeah silly me. Always saying "yes" and asking afterwards what I just agreed on 😇
    I'm an extension developer as well. And THAT is an unthankful job. Being a mod is far less frustrating concerning people's feedback...

  • Indeed, I'm to blame for at least one post going astray but I immediately followed up with: "But I can see Dave's request as very reasonable and support it whole-heartedly. Posting which version one has when one has an issue, is very helpful." Anyone following that post and continuing astray has only him/herself to blame. ;-p

  • Another one for 12.14 here.

    And yes, I do get the point of the topic, I'm just going with the flow and adding to the fluff.

  • I am very sorry, but I didn't recognize, that this thread is not made for comments...

    Use Opera 20.

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