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Open broken image in new tab option has been MIA for Opera since between 22.0 to 31.0

  • i noticed a while back a feature of Opera in the right click options is missing when it comes to broken images (images that never loaded).

    used to, you could open it in a new tab when it fails to load and when you open said broken image, it actually loads (unless it 503'ed/404'ed aka broken for good).

    but now, when a image is broken, you don't get an option to open in new tab. instead you have to go into "inspect element" on the right click options to open the "Developer Tools" to find the link of the broken image in question and open the link via right click and open in new tab.

    i know the latest version of Chrome, which is like Opera running on the Chromium browser engine, still has this feature.

    i want to know why is the open image in new tab feature missing from the right click on image options menu for broken images.

    it's been like that for a while, i'm not sure which version of Opera it disappeared from, i'm sure it happen in between 22.0 to 31.0

    anyone know how to fix this issue like a extension or am i stuck with opening said image in "Developer Tools" .

  • Some of those broken images are from sites that check referrers, so yes I've seen it. Sorry, no idea on a good workaround.

  • bumping this threat to mention the feature that went missing, the open image in new tab option for broken images is back after being MIA for a while, i don't know what version of Opera brought it back, but i assumed it came back with Opera 33, 34 or 35. thank god it's back. let's keep it working.

  • whoops, typed too fast and mistyped the wrong word, i meant thread, not threat, my bad.

  • You do get half an hour to edit posts, though you have to reload the page for the option to work right.