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Personal note option : Opera is just without interest without it

  • Unfortunately there isn't an extension that mimics Opera's notes, not in the same way, though there are poorer replacements. There's also Zotero, , which was deftly explained by a poster on the old forums but alas we don't have them to refer to anymore. I understand Zotero can do what notes did though its not a simple extension.

  • I tried the extension, but it is useless to me. It is still a beta, but this is not a new issue. People have been asking for notes since the beginning of Opera 15. If this is the best available, I see no reason for anyone to upgrade if they used notes in Opera 12 or earlier.

    Notes: those things that make it easy to insert text, and find web pages again where you copied the note from. This is a major loss of function.

    Here are definitions of bug priorities from JIRA — a professional bug tracking system.
    [list][][b]Blocker[/b] — Blocks development and/or testing work, production could not run
    ][b]Critical[/b] — Crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak
    [][b]Major[/b] — Major loss of function
    ][b]Minor[/b] — Minor loss of function or other problem where there is an easy work-around
    [*][b]Trivial[/b] — Cosmetic problem like mispelt words or misaligned text.[/list]

  • And, as you can see, this forum is useless to anyone who likes to format information for ease of reading.

  • you need to use markdown instead of bb code 😉

  • Disappointed to hear that about Zotero. The loss of Opera notes is a major issue for me.

  • you need to use markdown instead of bb code 😉

    No. The forum needs to support bbCode.

  • well , opera just sucks now without the personal note option , i used it a lot before , and during the update , it doesn't put my notes on a txt , on desktop , as expected...
    Personally , i used opera for that option, and without that option , Opera is just without interest..

    Have a look at this Web Application, it recreates the look and feel of the original Opera Notes very well:

    Transferring existing notes will require some copy & paste between old & new Opera, and as all information is stored locally, online synchronization is not (yet) possible.

  • well , i just can't find any add on like what i search: all are for capture a screen (windows already have this option , easier to use ), and the other are just confused and a real waste of time to setting them , and aren't what i'm looking for yet...

    This last opera version is the worth i met : "how to kill a good concept"

    please , regive us our old tools whose makes Opera the best as before...

    i'm disapointed , nearly angry 😞

  • i just want to retrive the old "right klik / add to personal note" // 'right klik / insert personal note'

    so if there's a powerfull Opera dev who works on it , please , PM me for i try it as soon it'll be possible !!

    (my english is may be 'strange' , excuse me about it 🙂 )

  • you need to use markdown instead of bb code 😉
    No. The forum needs to support bbCode.
    OK, let me rephrase it: You need to use markdown for now. ^^

  • You need to use markdown for now. ^^

    Ooowww!!!, sounds promising. 🙂

  • i just want to retrive the old "right klik / add to personal note" // 'right klik / insert personal note'

    Nimbus Note gets pretty close. It gives you an option in the context menu anyway.

  • Nimbus Note isn't what i'm looking for : too fat , too much complex , and must log on to use it : it's just one more thing to do...
    That's what i try to escape, as i said , i just want a 'right klik add/insert' like before , without to have to create one more account ,without to have to enable this or disable this... no more waste of time , just efficiency as the old 'personal note'!

  • And I thought that I was unable to find the note in new version. I can't understand how difficult it can be for the developers to remake a tool for the new opera. if they don't want to constantly support the function then kindly make the first version as a add-on and give it as open-source content for volunteers to handle the bugs. But please include the function. Now I am going to revert to old version only for this. and also the bookmark bar is annoying :'(. please add note & bookmark icon rather than the whole bar to take up browsing space. and also try to add option to make custom search engines as default. Thanks I love opera's new design and speed but the "note" is far too important and no add-on can replace its capability.
    and please don't take it as "resistance to change" it is a genuine request.