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Bookmarks and speed dial Legacy to current

  • (Was) My favorite goto browser. However, this upgrade from the legacy product where the old Opera is set aside, and the new browser places passwords in a special tab, and speed dial doesn't transfer. I don't understand why Opera cant just grab those settings and transfer to the new browser, so my sites and speed dial are there upon opening...Browsers frequently install asking if you'd like to import setting from IE to your new install. But Opera cant even write it to carry over in their own product...I'm not liking this. This seems...lazy..

  • It does have an importer. There is one in the installer (click Options when you first run it) and one in settings (Import bookmarks and settings).

  • I did try this previously I will try again..I am using the portable version. And have been using it for years..Will have another go

  • I am using the portable version.

    Opera only has one installer. You can choose to do a portable install but it is not a different version or a different download. Are you using a package maintained by someone other than Opera?

  • Portable apps, for the portable version. No fears, it's not hotrodded, just packaged for portability, And upon install there is no import for Opera, just for IE,Fox, etc. I just want to install Opera and have an option to pickup my Speedial, sync, and favorites and have them integrated into the new browser! (just like all other browsers do) Not just relegated to some subfolder. I don't understand why they would do this for their long standing users/proponents.. There SHOULD be an upgrade path from Legacy products..

  • Is the old version of Opera you are trying to get the bookmarks from a portable install? That might be the issue. If you import the stuff and it puts it in an 'imported folder', which it will do with bookmarks from any browsers, you can just drag them out using the bookmarks manager.

    Also, Opera Link (the synchronization feature from Opera 12 and before) is not compatible with the new Opera. Newer versions of Opera use a different synchronization because the new Opera is fundamentally a different browser. So it can't pull anything out of that. IIRC is was shut down over a year ago anyway, so theres nothing to pull from.

  • Link is still working fine for those still using older versions of Opera.
    How long for I don't know, but they say they're keeping it going mainly for the java versions of Opera Mini for java phones.
    As I have one of these (a Nokia 6600 fold), and Opera 12, I hope they keep it going for a while yet!