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built-in ad blocker


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    I am starting to wonder how the built-in ad-blocker works, and here's why:

    I am browsing a website and the icon tells me 2 ads are being blocked (therefore my site also loads 63% faster in the test that compares loading the site with and without ads).

    So far, so good one would say, right? No, not right! I am browsing my own website and I am absolutely, positively and damned sure I am not running any ads. So... what's up, Opera?

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    Welcome to Opera's forums @Senhorron!

    If I'm not wrong, EasyPrivacy block trackers...

    Do you have that list enabled?
    Try to test it disabling that list.

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    My vote also goes to trackers, which incidentally also usually cause a big speedup when blocked :). As @zalex108 says, you can disable EasyPrivacy in Opera's Preferences to see if that was it.