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    I'm having problems with Opera constantly crashing on my Coolpad phone. I'll explain, then give phone specs. I recently removed Google Chrome and the "default" Coolpad browser and installed Opera 4.4. At first, it was working ...well...just OK. Then, and this is the biggest problem, it crashes a lot. It crashes when I try to use the weather app that has a "live radar" screen, and/or when any "site" that has embedded video/pics(that should be a clue). I'd like to use Opera, but with this happening, it makes it impractical.I have enough 'spare" storage (about 350 mb's) and I've done a hard reset to clear out any "junk" or lingering "bits". I'm wondering if this is a problem within the phone, or maybe, there are others who've had this problem and I just haven't come across their "fix". OK, phones specs: Coolpad Arise 5560s-Kk 4.4.2-Opera 4.4. Now, possibly, I need an older version of Opera(?) and if so, where could I obtain that? Alright, there it is...could anyone help out? THANX: RICK


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    Opera 4.4? This is kinda prehistoric.