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How to Duplikate an existent Bookmark ?


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    Hi, I want to create different bookmarks to different pages behind the same internet address. If I try, it overwrites always the old bookmark. What could I do ?


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      If you want to create second speed dial of some page, do the following:

      1. Open existing page from you homescreen

      2. Go to the subpage you want to create a separate app

      3. Tap "Coast Card" button (it's an icon on the bottom left corner)

      4. Choose "Split App" icon (it's an icon with 9 squares and an arrow)

      5. There you can specify a name of new speed dial. If there is more than one icon for that page, you can choose it by swiping left/right on an icon

      6. Tap "Add" button

      Now you have two apps on you homescreen with the same domain.


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        It works perfectly - thank you !

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