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lost bookmarks after import htlm bookmarks (exported from same profile)


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    I am working to get the xmark sync working with opera. I could not find documentation regarding the behavior of opera books marks.

    what is the difference between All bookmarks and the bookmark bar? I exported the Bookmarks, deleted the bookmark bar's bookmark and the imported them. This time a new BookMark Bar (File 1) appeared in the hierarchy. Then i could not get them to show up on the book mark bar...meah.....

    Maybe I am missing something, but Opera's bookmark export and import processes are not to be used on the same instance - which to me sounds like a design issue at worst cast - best case - user experience - is nightmarish.

    I appreciate the Opera browser's speed and memory utilization.

    I expected issues with the syncing of book marks and allocated of time for trial and error - adding chrome extensions to Opera and xmark is not clear on their sync processes.

    Being able to find and sharing links is key to our business. I am open to solutions if anyone has success.

    Do tell, I am missing an obvious solution and over complicating the matter.

    Thank you for your time and help with this matter.

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